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happy birthday, jon!!

well, not today but several days ago, my man turned 39…  nobody believes him when he tells them this and that is because the lucky man can still pull off 29!

i wish i could 🙂

several posts ago, arnetta and i discussed whether we could ever get jon in a “manly” apron and it turns out that with the right fabric, you can do anything!!

what a good birthday gift idea!

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jon is displaying both his apron and one of his guns 🙂

just in case the apron confused you 🙂

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happy birthday, babe – you are the youngest 39 year old that i have ever seen 🙂

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now blow those candles out!

sausage anyone?

jon spent all day a couple of weekends ago making sausage…  a day of grinding and mixing and seasoning and, well, more sausagey stuff that i quickly lost interest in…

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but jasper didn’t lost interest that quickly 🙂

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luckily, the venison sausage passed the jon and jasper taste test!

and now our deep freeze is full of coils and links!

doesn’t every girl like: fill in the blank…

almost every little girl that i know likes to dress up – they layer themselves with bracelets, necklaces, rings and lip gloss…

they load their purses with their cell phones and everything else they can fit in those cute tiny bags…

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they sit on the couch and go through said purses and aforementioned lip glosses to make sure they have every little thing they could possibly “need”…

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and only then are they ready to go 🙂

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why wear just one bracelet to the grocery store when you can wear 30 bracelets?

i can only hope that quality will win over quantity when she gets older 🙂

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but then there are the days when the little girls don’t need all that stuff – all they need are rain drops and bare feet.

and it is all good.