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oyster slurps!

we went to natchitoches this past weekend and we lucked out!

not only did we get to see pop and arnetta but mark and his kiddos were there as well and also?Β  the star of the show?Β  a 75 lb. bag of raw oysters!

woot!Β  woot!

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so they got to shucking and i got to slurping and all were happy πŸ™‚

it was a genuine gab fest down there!

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jasper lilith does not like raw oysters but she does like her pop πŸ™‚

when asked if she wanted an oyster, a simple no wouldn’t suffice for jasper, nope, she had to clap her hand over her mouth while shaking her head ferociously!Β  like we were going to force feed her an oyster πŸ™‚

thanks, mark for sharing your oysters!

we did our raw oyster feast, went downtown and watched fireworks and then came back with a very sleepy girl…

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ila and jackson wore her out!Β  in fact, jasper loved, loved, loved ila and wasn’t ready to let her go home.

jasper is pretty proud of her 4 year old status πŸ™‚

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jasper had a blast seeing everyone and when they had all gone, she had a blast coloring as well…

we had a great weekend visiting everyone and are already looking forward to going back for christmas.

our first fire of the season!

i think the title says it all, really πŸ™‚

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it is only in the low 50’s but that is close enough for us to light that fireplace up!

we do like our fires, don’t we?

a stove that folds and can fit in your back pocket does wonderful things with cheese.

right after our last camping trip, jon tried a little experiment when we got home.

he thought he would see what he could cook on his little backpacking stove besides water and oatmeal…Β  so he tried grilled cheese…

and they turned out pretty good – so good, in fact, that jasper lilith asks for them all the time!

“daddy, please cook me a cheese sandwich on the little foldy stove?!”

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and he usually does!

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he sits out at jasper’s table on the patio and grills up sandwiches for them both – for some reason, i find this very cute πŸ™‚

the dogs, of course, hope for scraps πŸ™‚

a good saturday!

just right down the road, there is a nature preserve that we have been meaning to go to for, oh, months, i’d say…Β  and saturday, we finally did!

it was good weather and we had the time so we headed on over to check it out and thankfully, it was A Good Find!

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there are marsh boardwalks that we (i.e. jasper) ran around for a while before we headed into the woods…

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off she goes – does she look empowered or what?

she is so tall – those are 4T pants she is wearing and they are high waters on her!Β  you can literally see her ankles – they went into the consignment bin as soon as we got home πŸ™‚

you can always tell when kids this age dress themselves, can’t you?

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gotta be point girl πŸ™‚

there were a bunch of different trails all over the preserve – several thousands of acres dedicated to preservation – i am so excited this is so close to our house!

some of the trails were marshy boardwalks, some were flat islands (that you crossed over to on little levees or raised paths) but some were steep, little ridges of narrow paths…Β  when we came to the steep and skinny paths, jasper had to move to the middle and she did not like that!

“but mama, i need to be in front!Β  i can’t be in the middle ofΒ  you guys!”

suffice it to say, she stayed in the middle πŸ™‚

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if she is in front, she RUNS…Β  if she is in the back, she dawdles (and picks up everything to put in her poor pockets)…

i guess compared to those two options, the middle is pretty boring, isn’t it?

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here she is trying to sweet talk me into picking her up and carrying her πŸ™‚

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it didn’t work…Β  but it was a close call πŸ™‚

we will definitely be going back to hit the trails we didn’t get to this time!

skeletons, zombies and dress up…

this is what happens to jasper’s halloween costumes – they turn into dress up clothes until she can’t wear them anymore…

she still wears her purple princess outfit from last year!Β  it is almost at her knees now but hey, she doesn’t seem to mind πŸ™‚

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for some reason, this little scene tickled me:Β  all dressed up like a princess and what is she doing?

watching daddy survive in a mutant-filled, post-apocalyptic computer game πŸ™‚

happy halloween!!!!

or as jasper liked to sing:

“trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!Β  if you don’t, i don’t care, i’ll pull down your underwear!”


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and she is a princess but you guys already knew that πŸ™‚

it was rather hard getting pictures of her last night – she kept doing her “princess poses” which basically meant she twirled, stuck her nose in the air and did a weird grimace or waved her “wand” around a lot…Β  apparently, princesses do all those things all the time!

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“daddy, when is it trick or treat time?”

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yay, duncan – oops, i mean Cool Ghoul – is here!Β  now it’s trick or treat time!

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heather loads jasper up with more glow in the dark bracelets and then we are off!

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and there she goes!Β  as confident as a person can be…

(arnetta, she is wearing her cowboy boots but last night, they were “princess heels” – which she was quick to correct me on!Β  and in such an exasperated way too!)

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and the bucket filling begins – we actually had to stop back by our house to dump the bucket and make room for more candy!

which they desperately needed more of, right?

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“trick or treat” and “thank you” – their little litany is still echoing in my head πŸ™‚

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there were plenty of other kiddos out as well and we linked up with a big group of people for a couple of houses – jasper and another princess hit it off πŸ™‚

in fact, when this little girl and her group went into their grandfather’s house, jasper and duncan just went right on in there with them!

not shy, those two, not shy at all πŸ™‚

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good decorations at this house.

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i wish this picture wasn’t blurry but she was so cute coming down those stairs in her outfit that i put it up anyway!

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it was perfect weather, good company and plenty of candy!

jasper was so pooped and “thirsty, mama!” by the end of the night that heather (thanks, heather!) carried her home…

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aw, where’s your smile, duncan?

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there it is!!!

in the way of kids everywhere, they were giggling and laughing with each other until they saw me dive for my camera – then they went all weird and solemn…Β  until heather did something magic and they got all silly and happy again πŸ™‚

at the end of the night, jasper asked me, “so now that halloween is over, i can wear my princess costume all the timeΒ  now, right?”

yep, all the time, babe…Β  except when you go to school or my gym or the little gym or the grocery store or the park or biking or on the boat…Β  but other than that?

all the time πŸ™‚

happy halloween all!!!

a saturday morning…

beautiful weather like this means outside!!!

so that is exactly what we did – we loaded the boat on top of my jeep and headed down the road to the lake!

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off they go!

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while i laid out on the dock and read my book…Β  don’t you just love the daddy/daughterness of it all??!!