just right down the road, there is a nature preserve that we have been meaning to go to for, oh, months, i’d say…  and saturday, we finally did!

it was good weather and we had the time so we headed on over to check it out and thankfully, it was A Good Find!

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there are marsh boardwalks that we (i.e. jasper) ran around for a while before we headed into the woods…

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off she goes – does she look empowered or what?

she is so tall – those are 4T pants she is wearing and they are high waters on her!  you can literally see her ankles – they went into the consignment bin as soon as we got home 🙂

you can always tell when kids this age dress themselves, can’t you?

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gotta be point girl 🙂

there were a bunch of different trails all over the preserve – several thousands of acres dedicated to preservation – i am so excited this is so close to our house!

some of the trails were marshy boardwalks, some were flat islands (that you crossed over to on little levees or raised paths) but some were steep, little ridges of narrow paths…  when we came to the steep and skinny paths, jasper had to move to the middle and she did not like that!

“but mama, i need to be in front!  i can’t be in the middle of  you guys!”

suffice it to say, she stayed in the middle 🙂

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if she is in front, she RUNS…  if she is in the back, she dawdles (and picks up everything to put in her poor pockets)…

i guess compared to those two options, the middle is pretty boring, isn’t it?

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here she is trying to sweet talk me into picking her up and carrying her 🙂

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it didn’t work…  but it was a close call 🙂

we will definitely be going back to hit the trails we didn’t get to this time!