we went to natchitoches this past weekend and we lucked out!

not only did we get to see pop and arnetta but mark and his kiddos were there as well and also?  the star of the show?  a 75 lb. bag of raw oysters!

woot!  woot!

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so they got to shucking and i got to slurping and all were happy 🙂

it was a genuine gab fest down there!

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jasper lilith does not like raw oysters but she does like her pop 🙂

when asked if she wanted an oyster, a simple no wouldn’t suffice for jasper, nope, she had to clap her hand over her mouth while shaking her head ferociously!  like we were going to force feed her an oyster 🙂

thanks, mark for sharing your oysters!

we did our raw oyster feast, went downtown and watched fireworks and then came back with a very sleepy girl…

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ila and jackson wore her out!  in fact, jasper loved, loved, loved ila and wasn’t ready to let her go home.

jasper is pretty proud of her 4 year old status 🙂

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jasper had a blast seeing everyone and when they had all gone, she had a blast coloring as well…

we had a great weekend visiting everyone and are already looking forward to going back for christmas.