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this is what happens when you leave jon and jasper alone in a store.

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they find ways to amuse each other 🙂

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ah, snap bracelets – what a way to pass the time while i christmas shop!

a november fish.

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jon and jasper lilith went fishing at mom’s and had a blast!

it’s easy fishing there and between catching little fish, hanging out with her daddy and playing in the boat, jasper is kept quite content 🙂

just hanging out…

it has been cold several days in a row and we all know what that means!

fireplace fires!

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i caught my two people enjoying each others company…

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and the fire too 🙂

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and here is jasper enjoying…  what?  the christmas lights maybe?  whatever it was that she was enjoying, she enjoyed it for quite a while…

the house was quiet, peaceful and calm…  until she was done enjoying the whatever and ready to rock n’ roll.

our thanksgiving!

we went to mom and richard’s for our thanksgiving and it was a full house!

all together, there were 5 (count them, 5!) girls from ages 15 months to 9 years old running around!

it was  noisy but fun to watch…  stand back and watch, i mean, because you want to get out of the way of the gaggle of girls…

or giggle of girls as john smith called them…  no joke there!

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mom had a batch of gingerbread cookie dough all ready for the girls to roll out and decorate…

and decorate they did!

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well, decorated and snacked at the same time anyway 🙂

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here they are!  we have chloe, shawna, jasper, lexie and skylar  and man, was it hard to get a picture of them where at least one of them wasn’t blurred!!

the “giggle of girls” was in full swing 🙂

jasper had a fun thanksgiving with all her cousins and when they left, she had a fun time with just her neena and richard!

us parents were chopped liver as far as jasper was concerned but we were ok with that – that just means jon and i get to hang out with each other while jasper hangs out with neena, richard and all the animals!

i hope everyone had a thanksgiving as full of smiles as we did.