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an early morning for us all!

this morning was the cowtown 10k in fort worth for jon and i which meant an early morning for us all…

5 am for jon and i and 5:30 am for jasper…  jasper is usually our walking, talking alarm clock since she always gets up before we do so it was quite a switch up for us to wake her up!

in fact, she didn’t appreciate it at all!

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jon goes in to get her up and she groans, “is the sun up yet?” and he says, “not quite but almost.” and so she replies, “will you open the curtains so i can see for myself?”

(which totally tickled me)…

of course, it was pitch black outside and her response?  “ooooohhhhh…” she groaned and then pulled the covers completely over her head!

it was hilarious…  jon and i were shoulders-shaking laughing!

classic teenager response – i completely sympathized so i gave her a couple of more minutes to come to terms with waking up on her own…

which she didn’t so i had to go dig her out of her covers…  again…

it wasn’t pretty…  turns out she doesn’t like being woken up any more than we do 🙂

“why you waking me up even before the sun, mama?  i need to get more sleep.”

but eventually, we got her dressed, out the door, in the car and we headed out to drop her off at wendy’s for the morning.

(an early morning for wendy too, huh?)…

and then it was downtown fort worth for us.

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jon ran his 6.2 miles in 58 minutes and my time was 51 minutes – we rocked it, felt good doing it and pretty much had a blast!

that was the longest jon has run, by the way so big kudos to him!

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happy 2011 cowtown, baby!

next up is the mud run in april 🙂

oh, uh… hmmm…

from her bedroom, jasper calls out, “mama, look how pretty mocker looks!”

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what do you think?

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pink bows…  what every basenji needs 🙂

(don’t worry, i had her take them off as soon as i got done taking pictures)!!

a build-a-bear birthday party.

jasper attended a birthday party this past weekend at a build-a-bear workshop…  on a saturday afternoon…  at the mall…

need i say more?

jon was planning on taking her (it would be his first bday party to attend) but i ended up taking her and he had better be glad that i did!

it.  was.  nuts.

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they gather the birthday party kiddos together, let them pick out their floppy, stuffless animals, line them up and head to the stuffing machine.

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there is all this rigamoral of picking out hearts, rubbing them, saying these little chants and all that kind of stuff that kids either love or could care less about.

jasper didn’t seem all that interested in the details (which is unusual for her – i think there was just so many people around and so much stuff going on) but…

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she had some questions about the stuffing process 🙂

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rhees, jasper and ryan were a super sassy threesome – giggling, chatting, just totally enjoying each other’s company…

i enjoyed watching these three girls be Girls with a capital “G”…

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now this is one of those stores that makes me speed up when i walk by but jasper acted like an old pro at the whole thing – you would think she had done this a thousand and one times already!

most of you  have probably already experienced the build-a-bear mania but for those who haven’t, this machine is where the kids pump stuffing into their animals…

jasper was fascinated by this – in fact, i think it was her favorite part…

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as much stuffing as the blue puppy could hold!

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after the stuffing of the animals, we have the “washing” of them and the dressing of them…  jasper went straight for the ballet shoes and tutu…  an overdose of cute 🙂

and she wanted more!  jasper was also convinced that her puppy (that she named “heart” by the way…  they come with “birth certificates” as well and wasn’t that a procedure that took forever!  they ask for all kinds of information…) needed roller skates and a leash!!  i was fine with the tutu and the shoes but i put my foot down (haha) on the rest – as i said, i was already overdosing on the cuteness.  seriously.

she had a moment where she got very sad about not having roller skates so her “heart could roll around without having to walk!” but thankfully, she got herself together and went on to enjoy what she did get…  although this picture makes me think that she is going, “now if my heart only had roller skates, i would smile.”… what do you think?

she made it through without tears and i made it through without pulling my hair (or any of those other crazy parents) out and i consider that a fine success!

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and look at that, the birthday party and a happy jasper!

i guess it was worth it.

(i can say that now that it has been a week since the experience)…

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after the bear (or puppy in this case) building party, we headed upstairs for mini-birthday cakes and carousel rides.

aren’t these little cakes adorable?  each girl had her own which, of course, thrilled them all!

thumbs up to rhee’s mom for making and decorating all of those sweet cakes!

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jasper picked out her favorite horse…

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and said, “mama, i can ride this horse all by myself!  but you can take pictures, ok?”

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so take pictures i did 🙂

it was a birthday party that made its mark for sure:  i know that i am not a build-a-bear kind of parent, jasper knows that her blue puppy still needs roller skates and jon knows how lucky he was that he got to stay home!

an educational experience, right?  right.

keeping daddy company.

spring is heading our way which means it is time to get our garden ready.

so jon planted onions and garlic over the weekend and jasper did what she does best – hang out!

“mama, i need to eat outside so i can keep daddy company!”

easy enough.

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picnic blanket, food and water – she is good to go!

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lounging around, right?

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having a pleasant picnic…

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right where she wants to be 🙂

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nice 🙂

why use the door when you can use the window?

when the weather is nice, the windows are open – all day, all night; just open!

one of the dining room windows doesn’t have a screen on it and we all find ourselves using this window as a “door”…

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all three of us do it but i find particular pleasure in watching jasper do it 🙂

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and, of course, she loves that she doesn’t have to use the real door 🙂

happy valentine’s day!! (family-style)…

jon and i were trying to figure out what to do for valentine’s day and instead of a twosome event, we decided to make it a threesome event.

lucky jasper lilith 🙂

so we went to the cirque du soleil show called ovo

i wasn’t sure how into it jasper would be but jon was convinced that she would love it and love it she did!

she sat on my lap, watched with big eyes and asked questions the ENTIRE time.

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during intermission, jasper got into trying on hats…

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a headless jasper!

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ah, there she is!

we had a good time – she loved it and we loved that she loved it.

now we have two years until the next show comes to town 🙂


does this count as tree climbing if the tree is fallen down?

a big, ole’ hackberry fell down and before jon took a chain saw to it, we climbed around and got to play a bit.

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once jasper saw her daddy out there, well, she wanted to be out there right beside him!

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we wouldn’t let her go on the high branch so she went on the low branch instead – she was pleased with herself and i was pleased that i hadn’t rushed out to hold her hand as i wanted to do about 1,000 times in those 3 minutes it took her to get there – that fallen branch is higher than it looks.

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i guess she ended up talking her daddy into letting her on the high branch after all – with a little help from her daddy.

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a not-touching-but-there-if-she-needs-it hand…  the best kind.

(also the hardest kind to stick with)…

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everybody is off the tree; mocker and i are both relieved to have the 4 year old back on the ground.

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hide and seek!

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this kind of tree climbing i am much more ok with!

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although just like a kitten, she gets up and then needs help coming down 🙂

a happy natchitoches weekend!