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and here is her third easter egg hunt of the season.

(and the last)!

finally!  i am about to be overrun with plastic eggs and let’s not even talk about how much candy she has!

the last easter egg hunt was held at leigh’s – her backyard is a perfect backdrop for running kids and hidden eggs.

it was a relaxed gathering of friends, children, chocolate, bunny cake, food, mimosa’s and more mimosa’s 🙂

good times.

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once the men hid all the eggs, the kids were released into the back yard and at that point, all pictures became blurry!

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jasper is the youngest in the group by several years so to make sure she got her fair share of eggs, ian (leigh and dion’s eldest) partnered up with her.

“mama, i don’t need a partner!  i can find those eggs by myself!” is what she started out saying but she quickly realized how helpful having a tall guy was.

(the guys hid a bunch of eggs in branches and on lanterns hence the helpfulness of height!)

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on the move, on the move!

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you can tell the kids are slowing down and the eggs are becoming harder to find because of two things:  1)  the picture is less blurry and 2) they are grouped together 🙂

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ian comes in handy yet again!

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david told the kids that there was an egg that had a 100 dollar bill in it and whoever found it first could keep it.

now ask me if there was such an egg…  no, no there wasn’t.

but the kids went crazy!  jasper ran off hollering, “i want that money!” like she was 15 years old and already spending it on makeup and jeans!

after the kids ran around a bit more, they got pretty worked up (there might have been frothing at the mouth) and david finally took pity on them and broke the news.

we were all amused…  they were not…  jasper was just confused.

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david and jasper lilith have a conversation.

after the crazy egg hunt, it was dinner time, cake time and then the kids headed off to the playroom while the adults gathered outside to hang out and relax (with occasional referee duty)…  even the mosquitoes couldn’t make us go inside 🙂

of course, jasper got to bed way to0 late for a school night but none-the-less, it was a good way to spend a sunday evening.

now dave, about that 100 dollar egg…

happy easter!

after they finished their egg dyeing and i took a shower to clean the run off me, we got down to bunny cake business!

i had made the cake the day before (arnetta, i used a recipe i found out of that cookbook you gave me for xmas) and yes, people, i baked this sucker from scratch!

i can count on my hands how many times i have done that.

and then i made the frosting (another from scratch recipe) after my shower…  and i made an absolute mess!

but it was worth it!  the mess, i mean, we will have to wait until the easter egg party at leigh’s to see how it tastes.

that rabbit will taste delicious  if it knows whats good for it.

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this year it was a family affair – everybody helped!

i think it looks perfect, don’t you?

(thanks to neena for starting this bunny cake tradition when my sister and i were kiddos!)

here is to a messy kitchen, a happy kid and a pretty cake…  i hope everyone has easter chocolate coming out the wazoo!

hmm, yeah, that sounded nicer in my head.

happy bunny cake day everyone!

an easter afternoon.

i went for my long run after the easter basket to-do and breakfast and i come back home to?

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easter egg dyeing!!  the old fashioned vinegar, hot water and food dye kind!

jasper heard me come through the door and before i even clear the hallway, she was shouting, “mommy!  mommy!  come see what daddy and me are doing!”

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and there they were!  having a good time with the eggs i had boiled the night before.

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jon and jasper lilith have dyed eggs every easter since she was born (in fact, i remember sitting her in the sink so she could watch jon but not fall over!) but last year was the first time she was able to participate…  and this year, she participated even better!

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here is her little arm picking up each egg and blowing on it and then putting it back – apparently, this is an integral part of dyeing easter eggs.

easter morning is here!

i expected to get woken up at the crack of dawn (joke inserted here if you want) but she climbed into bed with us at her normal time in her normal sleepy way.

i was surprised but relieved and we all fell back to sleep like usual.

once jasper fully woke up, she jumped out of our bed to go get something and jon and i lay there waiting for squeals or something.

we didn’t hear anything for a couple of minutes and we are starting to think that the jaspernator has gone blind.

but then we hear this little, “huh?” in this super-duper, girly voice (i wish i could replicate the sound here, it had jon grinning like a happy banshee) and she comes running in with her easter basket.

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i managed to catch her in the moment of finding her zhu-zhu – she has been asking for one of those (thanks to The Commercial People out there) and i thought it would make a perfect easter basket toy.

i guess i was right 🙂

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here she is kissing and cuddling the little electronic hamster…

“isn’t she so cute??!!  i’m going to name her Chipmunk Pink!”

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now she is going through and inspecting all her treasures!

i got the same chocolate fairy bunny as i did last year (‘cuz they are that pretty) and she remembered it, “oh, this is the same bunny as last year!”

and the cadbury creme eggs (my personal favorite) were a hit as well…  in fact, what i believe the exact words were, “those cadbury eggs make me want to spin around and dance!”

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arnetta, it wasn’t long before the hair clips ended up in her hair!

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“mocky-mock, look at your new friend!  you have to be nice to chipmunk pink because she is little!”
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i found this sleepy scene a little later on…  i guess mocker is going to like that hamster no matter what if jasper has anything to say about it!

the night before…

i always enjoy putting jasper lilith’s easter basket together; it’s a little like filling her stocking at christmas!

all little things that i know she will love.

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arnetta, i clipped the Tangled hair clips that you gave her to the basket to give it a little extra something – they were the perfect touch 🙂

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look at that loot!  the girl is going to be riding a sugar high for weeks!

(not really.  i mean, i’m not crazy!)

happy birthday, duncan!

duncan cooper ambrose turned 9 years old yesterday!

i imagine that heather and david are still in a state of denial.  i imagine that when jasper turns 5 this summer, i will be joining them.

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leigh and jasper make their hellos count!

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this is duncan’s party but out of all the pictures i took, this was the only one of them as a group that wasn’t blurry!  and it is the back of the birthday boy’s head!

so happy birthday to the back of duncan’s head!

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don’t you love capturing moments like this?  hallmark moment, baby, hallmark moment.

somebody should tell her that her face could freeze like that if she isn’t careful…  hmm, jon has some experience with faces, doesn’t he?

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a happy girl at a good birthday party.

9 years old.  can you believe it?

the last day…

and on our last day?  more fishing.

well, for jon and jasper at least!  i went for my run and they went fishing.

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those are jaspies two fish!  yeah, she caught them!

after my run, i found them back at one of their favorite fishing spots.

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“mommy, are you looking!  watch me do this fishing thing!”

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all right, all right, i’m watching!

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after she fishes for a minute or two, she hands the pole back to jon and shouts, “and she’s done!  let loose to be free in the wild!”

and she jumps down and runs off.

jon and i just shake our heads while i mentally giggle over the third person usage.

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and then we were done.

on the spur of the moment, we tried to reserve our shelter for another night (none of us were ready to leave yet) but the week was over and it was friday so it was back to the  normal weekend self…  which meant that the shelter was already reserved 😦

so we headed back to the shelter, packed up, played at the beach a little more and then left for home.

it was good to get home (it always is, isn’t it?) but i wish we could have squeezed one more night in!

what a great week!

and on the second day…

after a chilly and slightly rainy morning, our day moved on…

there were fish involved although i don’t think they appreciated their involvement!

can anyone say fish fry?  say it!

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we took bikes this time around and jasper does love her bike helmet!

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jasper lilith finds a fishing lure!

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i swear i did not set her up in this contemplative pose!  jon and i are talking and i go over to find jasper sitting by the water – just sitting and thinking; thinking and sitting.

with that bike helmet still on.

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when we go up to the little store and beach to run around while jon cleans his fish, i catch jasper sitting and singing this time.

this was a moment when i was very glad that she could sing as loud as she wanted and nobody could hear her 🙂

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and then on to hiking the trails!  here i am trying to catch the elusive jasper!

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and i caught her!

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a mid-hike photo op!

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“ok, my turn to use the camera!  now let me take yours and daddies and mockys picture!” 

jon!!!  i hope what you were saying was important ‘cuz you have been immortalized with that face!

didn’t your momma tell you if you make faces like that, they will stick?

the first day at the campsite.

summer is going to be here before we know it!  so with that in mind, we had to get our spring camping trip in soon!

we went during the week this time instead of waiting for a weekend and i am totally spoiled now – we had the entire state park to ourselves almost!

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there was no one there but us and some fishermen and it was sooooooooooo  (there are not enough “o’s” for how nice that was) fantastic!

it is a well-designed and scenic camp ground anyway but you can’t help hearing or seeing the flotsam of the other people around you…  well, not this time.

we had the pick of all the shelters – another reason to love the During The Week camping.

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once we get unpacked and in the shelter, jasper explores.

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and when she is done with the exploring of the camp site, she takes mocker to explore everything else.

see?  no cars.

(my run was a peaceful, quiet run as well – very few trucks and cars.)

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and then it was night time… jasper lilith and mocker take a break.

west texas has been dealing with some very serious wild fires so mineral wells was under a strict fire ban – no firewood, only charcoal grills or propane stoves.

it was have been the icing on the cake to sit out by the fire in all that wonderful lonesome but we made do…   jasper fell asleep on my lap while jon and i sat on the rocks by the lake instead and watched the sun go down…  and then we sat out there until we couldn’t feel our bums anymore.

it was an even exchange for the fire.

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after a day of camping, mocker is pooped!

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and so are jon and jasper lilith 🙂

the weather turned on us while we were there and actually got pretty chilly but i was not complaining (alright, there was some mild complaining in the morning before my coffee).

but once the water was boiled and the coffee made, i was glad to feel the chill in the air while we still could!

man, i love camping…  jasper has been camping with us since she could walk (that was my taking-my-child-camping requirement) and it just keeps getting better and better.

a red ladybug, a green frog and pink hello kitties.

and a jasper, of course!

it was a perfect rain fall for running around the back yard in and jasper jumped at the opportunity to wear her rain gear… all of it.

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“it’s madam jasper here!”

madam jasper?  madam?   ok, then.

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two feet and a froggy umbrella.

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and off she goes into the rain.

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strutting her stuff, strutting her stuff.

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eventually, she decided to play soccer on the porch.

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jasper:  “no pictures, mommy!”

mommy:  “i can’t help, sugar bunny.  i can’t stop taking pictures of you.”

(it’s true.  if i manage to get the camera in my hand these days?  i can’t stop taking pictures of her).

jasper:  “let’s compromise.  i count to five for five pictures and then you stop, ok?”

mommy:  “deal.”

so there is one.

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and here is two.

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and since everybody knows how to count to five, i will skip straight to five!

jasper:  “five, mama!  five!  so you have to stop now!”

me:  “ok, ok!”

(yes, yes, i did take one more photo while she was still talking…  so i took 6 pictures…  sue me.)

and then it was off to a dinner of spaghetti and italian bread.