it’s too bad that i only have pictures of the crown factor though…

the first thing on our natchitoches agenda?  crawfish!

we got there, got out to say our hellos and then we all piled back into the car again to head out for crawfish.

a table full of those little red devils and we ate them all!  i didn’t get any pictures – hands busy doing other things that involve red mud bugs and messiness – but trust me, they were beautiful, bountiful and very tasty!

and then it was home to relax and digest.

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the serious girl…   accompanying The Princess Crown is always The Princess Wave and a semi-british sounding, “cheerio!”

in honor of the royal wedding, jasper’s class at school made crowns and flags of england.

i suspect her teacher was a Royal Wedding Watcher of the first degree 🙂

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the less serious girl 🙂

the next night, arnetta and i fried up a bunch of sac-au-lait that jon had caught when we went camping.  we had piles of fried fish!  i tested out a hot water cornbread recipe (the recipe was called poor man’s cornbread) and we also made up a batch of remoulade.

oh, it was good!  i was really pleased with the fried cornbread.

of course, again, my hands were a bit too busy for the camera but i had a homer simpson, “d’oh!” moment when it occured to me to take pictures of our feast…  too bad that simpson moment came the next day.

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jon has started shaving his head and arnetta caught a shot of me giving him a helping hand.

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does jasper look happy to you?  no?

we were changing the rules of the game, jon and i!  trying to make it a bit more fun for us adults and jasper does not appreciate it!

“guys!  guys!  that is not how you play!  let me show you.”

her exasperation was almost as funny as our made-up rules!

jasper and i also squeezed in a visit to oona and olivia:  “mommy, can we visit my friend olivia?  she lives in natchitoches too, you know.”

since a visit to oona is, like, totally, the bomb, i couldn’t say no!

‘course, now jasper lilith needs a pink trampoline, “just like my friend olivia!”

we got a lot done and a lot eaten over the weekend and it was over to quickly – it always is, isn’t it?