the girl likes her colors, that is for sure!

pink and red with one white sparkle shoe and one black sparkle shoe…  throw in a hello kitty fedora and a paul frank bag?

and you have a jasper!  just another 4 year old girl that has to dress herself or else the world will end (in fire and brimstone, apparently)…

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she calls those shoes her “panda shoes”

jasper also likes to combine one red sparkle shoe with a black sparkle shoe and when she doesn’t feel like wearing two different shoes?

she wears two different socks.


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she found that hat and put it on her head with a happy sigh, “it’s perfect for my outfit, mommy!”

and so she wandered around target, garnering plenty of compliments, in her fedora 🙂

in fact, she was so pleased with herself, i had to remind her that we weren’t actually buying the hat; just wearing it while we were in the store!

her response when i reminded her? 

“i know this already, mom.”

got it, kiddo.