that’s what jasper tells me once i put my swim cap on…

thanks, kiddo.

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my first 0lympic triathlon (but probably not my last) was yesterday morning.

we were up before the sun and as jasper gets into the jeep, she goes, “aww, the moon is still up!  where’s the sun???!!!”

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it was a very intense and fun experience – i felt STRONG after i ran across that finish line some 3 hours later.

(but let’s be frank:   i’m glad to be done with all that training!)

jon and jasper were my cheerleaders and jasper cowbelled with the best of them 🙂

thanks to the both of them for getting up at o-dark-hundred hours, driving for over an hour, hanging out while i do my thing and then making sure to cheer me on each time i came back to my transition spot and then the finish line – you two were all the audience i needed.

and now on to the next race!