did they have pre-k graduations back when we were kids?   i don’t remember but i know they sure have them now.

my proof?  jasper has “graduated” from pre-k…  it’s official…  she is a kindergartener.

they even had graduation hats!!!


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now why would they do that to us mothers?

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a smiling, happy 4 year old!

“mommy, is it time for my graduation yet?”

jasper picked her dress out (and her cowboy boots) several days before…  at 7 am…  she came in one morning, all dressed up, and woke me up to show me what she was going to wear on her “special day”.

i didn’t even see the cowboy boots until later though…  you know, when i was actually awake 🙂

i was…  unenthusiastic about the boots but when i asked about them, i could tell there was no quarter; she felt like she HAD to wear them!  far be it for me to say she shouldn’t!

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lots of “hi, jaspers!” and “bye, jaspers!” and she was busy waving to them all 🙂

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it was very windy (like tornado watch windy, in fact) so jasper quickly went into her Feel The Wind Stance.

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a piece of a cake and a happy face!

congratulations, jaspernator!