“mommy, close your eyes!”

(what every mother wants to hear their kid say, right?)

“i want you to see something!  close your eyes and give me your hand, ok?”

(well, it’s usually better when they want you to see what they did…)

“don’t worry, i will lead you and i won’t let you run into the wall.”

(ok,  i’m sold…  so i close my eyes…)

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and open them to see this!

her animals are all in a line because they are waiting to get into…  wait for it…

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the campground!!  ha!

each little book is a tent and yep, there are the same amount of books as there are animals… yeah, i counted.

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once her handiwork was duly appreciated and discussed, jasper moved on to putting each toy into their own little “tent”…

needless to say, clean up was fun that evening…

but it was worth it – do you see the little piglet poking her nose out of the toot & puddle book?  yep, totally worth it.