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the farm!

i hope you didn’t think that all jasper did was play with leggos and write in her journal!!

no, sir!  mom and jasper also went to a genuine farm!

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she was very excited about the goats!

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very, very excited.

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all right:  very, very, very excited!

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and there were chickens!

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she liked the chickens as well 🙂

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what do you think?  Dancing With Feather?

i was told there was horses, sheep and other farmish animals as well – jasper and mom had a blast!

if i had a glass of wine in my hand (why don’t i have a glass of wine in my hand already?), i would raise it to mom!  the Woman Who Knows The Woman With The Farm!  (is that name too long?  nah.)!!!

happy trails!

a sleepover at neena’s!

jon, jasper lilith and i all had a wonderful weekend!  and what is different from every other weekend you ask?  (because we all know that every weekend is wonderful)…

well, this:  jasper went to her neena’s for 4 (count them) days!!!!

it was a neena and jasper sleepover for the little one and lots of beautifully free, free time for us!!

did i already mention the word “wonderful” too many times?  ‘cuz i could keep saying it and it was still be just as true.

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jasper played the heck out of those leggos!  she told them who means business!

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and, apparently, she also did lots of “journal writing” (her words)…

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clearly this is an “another picture, neena?” face!

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and here is her Sleep Face…

she wears it well!

(and yes, jon and i had a wonderful [ha!] 4 days of being nothing but carefree, clock-ignoring adults.)

in fact, as soon as i picked jasper up, i felt it necessary to warn mom that she will also get to “have” a jasper sleepover in august!

lucky jasper.  and me.  and mom.  and jon, too.

lucky for all of us!!!

a bunny nibbles a carrot…

well, i believe i have mentioned (and shown photographic proof) on how jasper likes to dress up like a puppy or a kitten…

but she has since expanded her repertoire!

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and included a bunny rabbit!

(and, yes, of course bunnies wear white satin gloves!  duh.)

happy father’s day!

jasper made the pictures and the card, picked the orchid out and carefully choose the balloon…

i think we got it covered 🙂

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by the way, the pictures?  they are vampires (you can’t see the teeth in the photo but trust me, they are long) with their vampire pets.

i don’t know why she decided to draw “nice vampires” for her daddy but she was happy with them which meant so was i 🙂


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a jasper and jon moment.

happy father’s day to all of you daddies out there!


dancing to the beat of the drummers!

another summer concert night!

this time we had the pleasure of listening to the lannaya west african drum and dance ensemble

wow, that was a mouthful!

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but they made the perfect hand-clapping, foot-stomping type of music so i forgive them their name 🙂

i am sure they appreciate my forgiveness…

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jasper lilith soon found a dance partner!

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and they boogied for a while…

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and then the music got faster and more intense and she  moved on up in partners!  i guess the little boy didn’t cut it anymore?

she and that older boy were kind of fascinating to watch – they were copying the dance moves of the dancers on stage – it was very much the kids version of a traditional african dance!  arms akimbo, legs thrust out and stomping, hands shimmying around and elbows flying!  hilarious!

and it made me sweaty just to watch them!

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oh, and lots of twirly jumping as well.


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whew!  drummers drumming, singers singing, kids dancing and parents lounging!

another nice summer evening spent on a blanket watching jasper lilith do her Thing.

wine glasses and water…

what’s a girl to do on a hot day with temperatures around 102 degrees?

and her evil mama won’t take her to the pool right at that very moment?

why play the wine glass harmonica, of course!!

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so jasper lilith gets her daddy to hunt down some wine glasses and then proceeds to line them up, fill them up and get serious about it.

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a pause while she makes a small adjustment to the water level.

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another pause while she giggles at mocker…

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and then another pause – this time an offended pause – when the glass she hits makes a sound that she does not like…

ah, summer days, summer days.

high heels for a little girl…

the girl does love her shoes!

and apparently, she loves mine as well!

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the girl strutted around in those heels for quite some time and loved every minute of it…

why is a little girl in heels so cute and poignant?

don’t answer that.

tagged and bagged…

jon made it home!

he even came with a note from gram and wore it attached to his wrist, no less!

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jasper and i were very thankful that gram went ahead and sent him back – she could have kept him, you know.

at least she has his picture?

jon has been in natchitoches since tuesday and jasper is starting to feel it.

this morning, she came out of my bathroom carrying a picture of the three of us and whispered, “i miss my daddy.  i wish he was here so we could all be here together again.”

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and then she carried the picture around with her for the rest of the morning – all sad and mopey…

when it was breakfast time, she propped the frame up by her and occasionally said things like, “i wonder when my daddy is coming home?” or “seems like daddy has been gone for years!”…

look at that face – does that look like a happy face to you?

such a drama queen 🙂

the first of many summer concerts!

the levitt pavilion in downtown puts on free concerts during the summer (neat, huh?)…

the concerts make for lazy girls nights or date nights when we just want to hang out on a blanket, chat and listen to good music but even better?

every wednesday evening, it’s kids concert  night!

this past weds. was the first of many summer nights to be spent watching jasper dance to kids music…

it was an eddie coker performance and he was fun to listen to and fun to watch…

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first we started out on the blanket…

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but that didn’t last long!

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a smiling and happy person!

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eddie coker had all the kids on the front grass doing certain moves and dancing and just generally going crazy!  all in the name of music 🙂

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see?  dancing and jumping and lots of hoop-la!

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after the concert was over, jasper ran around (and around and around) with a gaggle of kids all getting the rest of their energy out!

she was so keyed up when we finally left that i kept checking to see if her feet were touching the ground!

needless to say, jasper slept like a rock that night 🙂