another summer concert night!

this time we had the pleasure of listening to the lannaya west african drum and dance ensemble

wow, that was a mouthful!

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but they made the perfect hand-clapping, foot-stomping type of music so i forgive them their name 🙂

i am sure they appreciate my forgiveness…

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jasper lilith soon found a dance partner!

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and they boogied for a while…

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and then the music got faster and more intense and she  moved on up in partners!  i guess the little boy didn’t cut it anymore?

she and that older boy were kind of fascinating to watch – they were copying the dance moves of the dancers on stage – it was very much the kids version of a traditional african dance!  arms akimbo, legs thrust out and stomping, hands shimmying around and elbows flying!  hilarious!

and it made me sweaty just to watch them!

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oh, and lots of twirly jumping as well.


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whew!  drummers drumming, singers singing, kids dancing and parents lounging!

another nice summer evening spent on a blanket watching jasper lilith do her Thing.