jon, jasper lilith and i all had a wonderful weekend!  and what is different from every other weekend you ask?  (because we all know that every weekend is wonderful)…

well, this:  jasper went to her neena’s for 4 (count them) days!!!!

it was a neena and jasper sleepover for the little one and lots of beautifully free, free time for us!!

did i already mention the word “wonderful” too many times?  ‘cuz i could keep saying it and it was still be just as true.

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jasper played the heck out of those leggos!  she told them who means business!

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and, apparently, she also did lots of “journal writing” (her words)…

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clearly this is an “another picture, neena?” face!

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and here is her Sleep Face…

she wears it well!

(and yes, jon and i had a wonderful [ha!] 4 days of being nothing but carefree, clock-ignoring adults.)

in fact, as soon as i picked jasper up, i felt it necessary to warn mom that she will also get to “have” a jasper sleepover in august!

lucky jasper.  and me.  and mom.  and jon, too.

lucky for all of us!!!