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tagged and bagged…

jon made it home!

he even came with a note from gram and wore it attached to his wrist, no less!

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jasper and i were very thankful that gram went ahead and sent him back – she could have kept him, you know.


at least she has his picture?

jon has been in natchitoches since tuesday and jasper is starting to feel it.

this morning, she came out of my bathroom carrying a picture of the three of us and whispered, “i miss my daddy.  i wish he was here so we could all be here together again.”

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and then she carried the picture around with her for the rest of the morning – all sad and mopey…

when it was breakfast time, she propped the frame up by her and occasionally said things like, “i wonder when my daddy is coming home?” or “seems like daddy has been gone for years!”…

look at that face – does that look like a happy face to you?

such a drama queen 🙂

the first of many summer concerts!

the levitt pavilion in downtown puts on free concerts during the summer (neat, huh?)…

the concerts make for lazy girls nights or date nights when we just want to hang out on a blanket, chat and listen to good music but even better?

every wednesday evening, it’s kids concert  night!

this past weds. was the first of many summer nights to be spent watching jasper dance to kids music…

it was an eddie coker performance and he was fun to listen to and fun to watch…

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first we started out on the blanket…

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but that didn’t last long!

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a smiling and happy person!

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eddie coker had all the kids on the front grass doing certain moves and dancing and just generally going crazy!  all in the name of music 🙂

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see?  dancing and jumping and lots of hoop-la!

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after the concert was over, jasper ran around (and around and around) with a gaggle of kids all getting the rest of their energy out!

she was so keyed up when we finally left that i kept checking to see if her feet were touching the ground!

needless to say, jasper slept like a rock that night 🙂

a kitty eats her breakfast…

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wait, no…  those are her puppy ears so i guess it would be Puppy Eats Her Breakfast 🙂