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the virginian hyams cousins…

and here we have a conglomeration of cousinness:

(yes, “cousinness” is a real word too.)

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so jasper lilith was the ring master, of course…  we have two girls (one dressed normally and one dressed…  well, she has her panties on top of her velvet leotard…  need i say more?)  with towels on their heads.  can you guess why?

don’t bother, you won’t guess why…  it is because jasper decided they needed “perfect, pink hair” and that meant (in her mind) towels…  with pink on them.

in fact, jasper’s towel fell off at one point and she got a little too sad about it (if you ask me) because then she didn’t have her “perfect, pink hairdo” anymore.

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what visit to a grandparents house is complete without licking the beaters?

and gram has the really, big kind of beaters, too!
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three cousins all in a row.

by the way,  i have been instructed by my four-footer to let everyone know that the ducks are peeing at us.  now you know.
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uncle louis, jasper lilith and juliet take the soccer ball out for a spin!

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aw, now this is a happy threesome!

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arnetta, your original tagline was so perfect that i am going to repeat it…  jasper is clearly thinking, “now what do i do with him?”

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and we have crawfish!!!!  a lot of crawfish!!!!!  and potatoes and corn and homemade hot water cornbread!!!  and what else?  i’m probably forgetting something else that we ate that night but man, it was all good!

i look pretty busy, don’t i?

you just can’t visit natchitoches in the summer without having a crawfish boil…  you just can’t…  in fact, i am pretty sure it is a law of some sort.

who needs a pool?

we might not have a pool but we have a sprinkler!

and that is enough for jasper!  (and me, too!)

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is it a tutu?  is it a bathing suit?  it’s both!

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oh, the body language says it all!  was there sass going on here?

need you even ask?

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Wet Girl Running.

(her newer native american tribal name)…

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and if the sprinkler wasn’t enough?  jasper lilith decided, “a picnic would be perfect today, right, mom?”


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so we had an impromptu picnic!

which is the best kind of picnicking if you ask me.

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a lazy way of eating an apple slice.

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she really likes her apple slices.

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i mean really likes them.

and me?  well, i just really like her.

(thanks, gram for going on the blanket hunt and helping us put our picnic together!)

oh, the hugginess of it all!

we get to natchitoches and the hugging commences!

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jasper and her daddy do some cardio-hugging!Image Hosted by

jasper and her pop do some hugging that is a bit more sedate.
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jon points out jasper home-made “charm bracelet” to pop…

it is beads and rubber bands ties around a hair band – she couldn’t get the tying down so she finally just TOLD me what to do…  exactly where she wanted that rubber band she cut in half and then exactly where she wanted that other rubber band as well 🙂

and then called it her “charm bracelet” and wears that thing everywhere.   everywhere.

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even her uncle mark gets in on the hugging action!

is there such thing as too much hugging?

(well, yes…  but for this post?  no.)

did i forget to pack something?

as we start the packing for our trip to natchitoches, jasper lilith reminds me of what is most important.

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as if i could forget!