i don’t even remember why jasper isn’t wearing her tutu-too much swimsuit!

but i don’t think the lack of it is cramping her style, do you?

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my guess that she is laying out the game plan to juliet here.

“ok, so first we are going to…”

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there is no such thing as too much spinning in the world!

(unless you are a 36 year old woman who has a husband that decides to spin her so fast on the merry-go-round at the playground that she almost pukes and then has to lay down to stare at the sky for 10 minutes until the world itself stops spinning…  that might be too much spinning.)

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jon gets in on the sprinkler action!  i missed the photo op that has the soaking wet girls climbing all over him while he looks at me for help.

(no, i did not help…  in my defense, i was too busy laughing to do anything at all).