we have had a lot of changes in the hyams house lately!  one of the main ones?  i went back to work.

this is good (nice to be out and about) but also stressful – as most of you can imagine 🙂

jon has had more contract work come through so he is officially working at home  now and  the timing couldn’t have been better.

we are finally settling in and getting out of the transitional stage which is nice…  although i imagine that will last until late august when jasper starts school…  then it will be back to square one but for now, things are gotten stable again.

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jon tells me that while he works on his projects, jasper lilith draws with him, plays on her laptop or keeps herself entertained in her room. (perhaps this is also why mocker has recently become in danger of being dressed in girl clothes?)

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jasper told me a couple of days ago that she was, “drawing buildings like daddy” and then she asked, “do you want to see my architectural plans?”

uh, do i ever??!!

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so she brings me her rolled up “plans” and proceeds to walk me through them 🙂

this picture was one of a hotel, no less.

teaching by example, huh, jon?