jon and jasper lilith were in natchitoches this week and what did jasper get to do?

go to the anderson farm to play with turkeys and other such animals!

the girl does love her farms, doesn’t she?

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jasper told me a lot about the turkeys and their, “gobble, gobble, gobbling!” when we talked over the phone!

plus i was given some turkey feathers when jon got home as well 🙂

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arnetta and deborah took the jaspernator to the farm and by all accounts, deborah became jasper’s new Best Friend 🙂

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hmm, there seems to be some turkey-contemplating going on here, doesn’t there?
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and puppy love!!!  i heard a lot about the puppies the farm had as well!

she had a fantastic time and a Great Adventure with her gram and deborah!

and now jon is home but jasper is at her neena’s so it is on to the next Great Adventure!

hopefully, pictures will soon follow 🙂