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the final touches…

The Girl is officially 5 years old now but has she had her birthday party?

she had to wait a full day for her party but it finally arrived!

as did her pop and gram from natchitoches!

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jasper picked out her birthday theme for this year and she was adamant about it – never once wavered although she told me what she wanted months ago…

can you guess what her theme was?

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if you picked ladybugs, you would be right!

(if you didn’t pick ladybugs, i suggest you get your eyes checked)…

jasper lilith had a blast helping me pick out her party supplies – it was red and black everything!
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see?  black and red everything!  with some white and pink thrown in there to break it up 🙂

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“my ladybug birthday cake!!!”



happy birthday, jasper lilith!!!

about a week before her birthday, jasper lilith started asking, “is is my birthday tomorrow?”…  i guess she could smell it in the air?

when i would have to give her the “not yet, babe”, she would go, “i am so tired of waiting to be 5!”

because apparently, the world will be a different place once jasper turns 5!

turns out she was right – at least for jon and i…  the world is now an entirely different place because The Girl turned 5 on saturday the 27th.

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i started a Birthday Torture Pile of all the presents that she was getting in the mail but couldn’t open…  yeah, pure torture for an almost-5 year old!

but we aren’t too evil because we didn’t make her wait until her party – we just made her wait until her actual birthday.

when i got home from work, she met me at the door with, “hi, mama!  i get to open my presents now, don’t i??!!”…  i decided that i was glad she said the “hi, mama”  bit first 🙂

here she is opening a gift from deborah and charles – a very cool jewelry box!  with a monarch butterfly and music and all these neat, little, hidden drawers…

deborah, you can tell she was muy impressed!

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here she is opening her package from her paw-paw and mimi!  she loved the clothes and hat but dad and barb?  she really loved the monkey sleep mask!

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she loved it so much that she had to put it on immediately (with a bit of help from me)…

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and then she tried to open the rest of her birthday gift with the monkey blindfold…  err, i mean, mask on!

with her gram and pop there, we had a great time watching her gasp and shimmy with excitement for each gift!

tracie, your owl lunchbox was a hit as well and i will have you know, we use it daily now!

happy birthday, jasper lilith – the stars in your eyes light up our lives!