and then we were home!  for the Dumping of the Candy and the creation of what i liked to call Sugar Mountain!

‘cuz it was a lot of candy…  a lot of sugar…  just a lot of well, everything!

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jon is diligently on Daddy Duty and giving all the candy a good checking out…

as well as giving me a not-so-good eyebrow raise for allowing our girl to eat an unchecked piece of candy before he could look at it!

i sang him my, “breakin’ the Rules, breakin’ the Rules!” song but well, he seemed to like it much less than jasper and i did…  i wonder why?

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hmmm, candy!

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“oh, mama!  i have a sugar headache!  i better stop before i vomit.”

it’s good to have a child that self-regulates…  of course, she had only had 2 pieces of candy at that point so i was more amused than anything else…

the drama, the drama!

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after the kids had their candy explosions, they hung out on the couch while the grown-ups hang out at the table and the guys steal…  fine, “pick out” their favorite types of candy from the kids bowls…  heather and i?  well, we just watched longingly…  or at least, that is what i was doing.

those calories can’t get me if i am just watching another person eat candy, right?  right??!!

anyway, we had a great halloween night with great company, great jack o’lanterns, cute kids, nice weather and a beautiful moon.

thanks, moon!