jasper lilith’s school had what they called The Ditto Dash last weekend and you had better believe that jon and jasper ran it!

the two of them ran the 1 mile fun run while i was bundled up on the sidelines cheering them in to the finish line!

i didn’t have time before work to run with them but i can do Cheerleader with the best of them 🙂

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all ditto-dashed up and raring to go!

(and what time in the morning was it, you ask?  why, i’ll tell you:  Too Early For A Saturday Morning If You Ask Me Time…  it’s true; that’s what my phone said…

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the three of us go out every sunday to the dam – jasper rides her bike while jon and i run beside her (or behind her when she is racing her “horse”) and the last couple of sundays before the Dash, we worked on jasper being able to run a full mile without stopping…  jon and she would run while i walked with the bike and then we would switch…  jasper and i would run together while jon got stuck on bike duty…  and she would do most of it, there was whining and there was whimpering but we would keep at it and it paid off because jasper run the entire mile during the race without stopping!

jon also started taking her to a nearby park with a little walking trail and practicing with her there after school – they had fun and she enjoyed coming home to tell me about her run!  usually it’s the other way around and i could tell she enjoyed the tables being turned 🙂

jon and i used the tale of the tortoise and the hare to keep her from starting out fast and then gassing out immediately and she got pretty good at running slow and steady…  and then when she could see the end point, we would tell her she could be the hare and run as fast as she could!

i wonder how many other running coaches have used the same teaching technique?

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so needless to say, i was super-proud of my girl and my guy!

as the kiddos and parents mass up at the starting line, i get a cheerful jasper hello!

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and here they are!!!  they have run their mile and they are coming in to the finish line!!!!!!!!!!!

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apparently, she was telling herself throughout the race, “be the tortoise, jasper; just be the tortoise.”!!

in the third person, no less!

and then when she saw some landmark that made her realize she was close to the finish line, she asked jon, “can i be the hare now, daddy?”

and the hare she was!!  because they came in as fast as her little 5 year old legs would carry her!

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i swear, i was cheering so loud that if you stop for a minute?  you might still be able to hear me!

i was pretty stoked!

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there they are!  jasper is introduced to a standard After-The-Race Tradition – the stale bagel!!!

with water, of course 🙂

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i bet a stale bagel never tasted so good.

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and then she asked for a “tiny sip of coffee to keep me warm” and i said yes…  of course i said yes.

i totally bragged on her running skills for the rest of the day!

unashamedly, unequivocal bragging…  it was good stuff.