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a playful kitten…

here she is!

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actually, this is jasper being a puppy…  my bad.

(man, does she look like a little, girly jon or what??!!)

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and there we are:  kitty ears!  jasper is putting on an impromptu, “kitty performance” for me.

lucky me 🙂

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and now the daddy dog (note the puppy-eared pink headband on jon’s head, please.  did you see it?  yeah, you did.) makes his appearance in the kitty performance and attacks the jasper-kitten!  hilarity and mayhem ensue.

(don’t worry:  no daddies or jaspies were harmed during the making of this video…)

because yes, there IS a video – did you really think that jon could don a pink headband with puppy ears without me taking a video of it?  plus they were  supercalifragilisticexpialidociously cute.

(but he won’t let me post it….  ‘cuz it is that cute, y’all…)


do you want to see a pretty bird?

ok, here you go:

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taaa-daaa!!!  another jon masterpiece!!

a beautiful brined and roasted turkey courtesy of my man (and alton brown…  oh, and jasper, of course)!

if you are wondering what a brined turkey is – well, don’t wonder anymore – check that link out and do it!

you will thank me…  or jon…  you will thank at least one of us!

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“daddy, that is a BIG turkey!  are we going to eat all that?”

oh, yes, honey bunches of sweetness…  yes, we are.

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as jasper said, it was a big turkey so the turkey carving and subsequent stripping off all the meat took forever

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at least, it seemed like it took forever…  but we eventually had that carcass completely stripped of meat and into the crock pot so we could make turkey stock!!!  yum!

i think i am set for lunch for some time now…

and yes, it is de.  li.  cious.  period.

milk. it does a body good…

but a cup doesn’t hurt either.  am i right?

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look at her!  staring right at me while she does it too!

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there is a slice of the main culprit right there!  jon!  totally over there egging her on and, in fact, showing her how to “do it right“!

if you ask me, doing it right would be using a cup but i was simply the wildlife photographer in this instance.