ok, here you go:

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taaa-daaa!!!  another jon masterpiece!!

a beautiful brined and roasted turkey courtesy of my man (and alton brown…  oh, and jasper, of course)!

if you are wondering what a brined turkey is – well, don’t wonder anymore – check that link out and do it!

you will thank me…  or jon…  you will thank at least one of us!

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“daddy, that is a BIG turkey!  are we going to eat all that?”

oh, yes, honey bunches of sweetness…  yes, we are.

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as jasper said, it was a big turkey so the turkey carving and subsequent stripping off all the meat took forever

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at least, it seemed like it took forever…  but we eventually had that carcass completely stripped of meat and into the crock pot so we could make turkey stock!!!  yum!

i think i am set for lunch for some time now…

and yes, it is de.  li.  cious.  period.