the morning of thanksgiving day, we did our annual Gobble, Gobble Run so we can feel better about gobble, gobbling all that food down later!

it was chilly, early and still managed to be way more fun that it sounds…  i swear, it’s way more fun!

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what kind of face is jasper making here?  i almost don’t even want to know!

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jasper is impatiently waiting until its time to start moving towards the start line and by impatient, i mean, “mama, why are we having to stand here?  didn’t we come to run?”

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jon captures me in the crowd!

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and i?  i get to capture mom and jasper lilith!

we started off walking the 5K but it wasn’t long before jasper reminds us that she wants to RUN – “mama, i’m ready to be the tortoise now and then when i see the finish line, i can be the hare, ok?”

so we start running shortly into the course and i will be darned if jaz doesn’t run straight through the entire 5k!!!  3 miles of Running Jasper!

mom put the kabosh on running up the hills  so we all walked up the hills (yeah, there were, “why are we walking?” questions from the girl but she dealt with the walking in a mostly gracious manner) but the rest of the course was a steady jogging pace that mom and jasper set.

and so we ran!

and it was wonderful to run with my two ladies!

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the three of us!  the finish line!  a good combination if you ask me!

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look at those happy faces!

i tell you what,  the finish line is an exciting thing to run towards no matter what!  and when you are holding the hand to your minerature runner who is also holding the hand to your mother all while running towards your hubby who also happens to be standing at the finish line?  well, that’s a powerful combination.  EVEN BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE.

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just a note:  jasper’s cheeks are filled with post-race banana…  this is why she looks  like a chipmunk.

the rest of us, however, are banana-free and smiling!

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happy trails, kiddo.

our next mother-daughter run?  the jiggle butt 5k run in january!!!!!!!!

mom, you ready? (p.s. it’s  girls only!)