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trick or treat!

the night has finally come into being!  halloween night, that is…  trick or treating, dressing up, filling up the candy bowl and lighting the jack o’lanterns!

we were ready.

dave, heather and duncan came over as usual and we hung out for a bit before heading out to hit the kid-filled streets…

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the kiddos were both stoked to show off their costumes to each other…  she is feeling a little camera shy right now…

(yes, jasper is really wearing gray-striped tights and a purple velvet leotard…  and yes, those were her “decisions”…  it was a little chilly, that’s all the defense i can offer…  oh, and she thought she looked Awesome!)

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and she’s back…  in full posing mode no less…  because let me tell you, that is her Batgirl Pose.

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oh, dear.  what do we have here????

pssst, jon is wearing cat ears…  do you think he knows?  yeah, i think the more pertinent question is:  how long do you think i will last once he realizes i posted this adorable picture?

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our first door!  which happened to be our across-the-cul-de-sac neighbors…  yeah, that is a pumpkin spewing his guts up.

ah, neighbors.  don’t you love ’em?

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because Batgirl lives on the edge, that’s why!

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gone are the days when duncan and jasper walk hand-in-hand…

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now they would debate as to who got to ring the doorbell!

time flies.  it’s kind of tricky that way, if you ask me.

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our Very Pink Batgirl checks out her nights haul!

jon made A Rule:  bring the candy home first so he can “check to make sure it’s safe” before letting her eat a piece.

it’s a good Rule, isn’t it?  it makes sense, it’s smart, it’s cautious and yet, i totally caved…  i let her pick out one piece of candy from her bucket as this picture of my guilt was being taken.  it’s still a good Rule and after that one piece of candy, it became much easier to adhere to 🙂

breakin’ the Rules, breakin’ the Rules!


a kindergarten parade…

every school should have a costume parade if you ask me, and luckily, jasper’s school agrees with me!

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hello, Very Pink Batgirl!!!

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after we watched all the kiddos parade around their school, we headed back to jasper’s classroom and watched them be silly with each other.

hello again, Triple Pink Batgirl!

behold: our halloween decorations.

jasper and i did our halloween decorations before we actually got around to carving our pumpkins but they just weren’t complete until we could set the jack’s out and light them up!

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i discovered a love of fake spiderweb this year.  it turns out that the stuff is Amazing!

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the best part?  a 5 year old can help string the fake webbing around and it still looks Amazing!

we had a blast!

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our jack o’lanterns are placed in their jaz-determined proper places…

looking good, fellas, looking good!

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and voila, we have achieved Full Halloween Status!  we are ready for some trick or treaters now…  once i go buy the candy, i mean…  i guess i should do that before i am left with a choice between a bag of dum-dums or a bag of partially opened smarties.  yeah, i better get on that!

(jon’s egg shell eyes glowed most awesomely, by the way, kudos to him! )

we do love our halloween here, don’t we?

jack o’lanterns, ho!

it’s jack’o’lantern time!!  pumpkin carving time!!  you know, that time?

we have had the pumpkins for a while now but jon has deemed it close enough to halloween that we can finally carve them!

(i always want to carve them as soon as we get them and do you know that means?  caved in jack o’lanterns by halloween night.  trust me, it happens.)

it’s a big thing in our abode – there are marshmallows and hot cocoa (or hot tea for the lone calorie-counter mama) and paper templates or designs and the very careful choosing of what face goes on what pumpkin…

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oh, Things are about to start happening now!  jon has his marker out and they are Discussing!

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and jasper has chosen her template!!  it is…  drum roll, please…  a kitty face!!!!!!

anybody surprised?  yeah, me neither.

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the deal is that jaz gets to draw her kitty face on but daddy gets to carve it in the pumpkin…

i figure we will wait until she is at least 6 years old before we start handing her The Big Knife…  fine, maybe 7 🙂

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here we have an excited kiddo who likes to act out what her pumpkin kitty face is going to tell the kids as they come to our door to trick or treat!

it went something like, “meow!”  but much louder.

and then the kids are going to say, “look at that cute kitty pumpkin!  that girl has a beeeyoooutiful design on her pumpkin!”

no lie.  that’s what the script reads.

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after she draws her kitty face, jon gives her the bad news:  she has to clean out her own pumpkin!

her response?  a disbelieving, “ewwww….” 

moving on to pumpkin entrails!!!!!!!!!!!

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she was still not convinced that this was the fun part!

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yes!!!!  a grossed-out and gooey girl!!!!

what better time for a mama to snap a picture!

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jasper and i finished our carving that night but jon always gets rather technical so he didn’t finish until the next night…

jasper is wondering why jon didn’t use his sculpting tools on her kitty pumpkin!

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and taa-daa!  jack 0’lanterns by the hyams family!!

the crazy-eyed pumpkin is jons (those are painted egg shells for the eyes, by the way), a cyclops for me and a kitten pumpkin for the jaspernator!

and we’re done!

punky pie!

at the point that i took this picture, jon was in the middle of a Serious Pumpkin Pie Revolution – he was bringing back the pie!

he has made about 4 or 5 pies by now – all from scratch by the way – fresh pumpkins, homemade crust.  he has perfected his pie crust; the man has got the Pie Crust Touch but he is still on the hunt for his perfect pumpkin pie filling.

his first two pies were pretty standard made-from-scratch pies – he followed the recipes and did what they told him to do – they were good but then he got creative…

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and we started seeing pies like this one!

(jasper asked for a “halloweeny” pie and this is what jon gave her!)

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this is what a girl singing, “you are soooo beautiful and i am going to eat youuuuuu!”) to a pie looks like…

please.  you know you sing to pies you are about chow down on too…

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ah, every family needs a Skull and Crossbones Pumpkin Pie Experience!

jon has since made a crust with a pie with a pumpkin carved into the top crust and then a lattice-worked crust on top and then…  hmm, i don’t remember what else now…

needless to say, our house smelled like baking pumpkin pie for about a month straight!  who’s complaining?  not one person…  not a one.

a tiny, little galaxy…

leigh gave jasper lilith some glow-in-the-dark chalk for her birthday and look!  it only took us until november to find the time to play with it!

it’s actually pretty cool – the chalk comes in powder form that you have to mix with the glowey liquid and then it has to set in molds for a bit until it hardens.  you then have about 4 hours for it to glow in the dark – after 4 hours, it dies down to unglowey chalk.

so we finally found a block of time to mix, let it set and then get busy on our driveway with it!

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this is what glow-in-the-dark chalk looks like with a bright flash.

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and this is what it looks like without a flash!

it was actually kind of beautiful – our driveway looked covered in pinpoints of light – like the sky does out in the middle of nowhere; full of stars.

also, it turns out that the chalk draws nicely on tree bark too so our trees were covered in glowey goodness as well – so cool!

yes, jon did write his name out.