jon and i ran a 1/2 marathon the other morning!

and as that woman on tv said the other day, it was “The Bomb-Dot-Com”.

you read that right.  i said it.

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here we are in the corral waiting for the rain to start and the gun to go off!

it was early, it was low 30’s and, yep,  it rained on us the entire time.  i don’t mean sprinkled either, i mean a full-out, steady rain.

in fact, i wondered fairly early on if many of the runners were going to hit new PR’s simply because they ran faster to get out of the rain!

oh, but, no lie…  it was awesome!

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and here we are afterward!  we finished the 13.1 miles in 1 hour and 50 minutes – not a bad time at all.

and afterward?  we were wet, shiveringly cold and eager to see the jaspanator!

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and this is what she looked like when we found jasper and mom….  turns out she was wet, cold and hungry too!

grumpy and all bundled up in one of mom’s ski jackets!  a happy camper, she was not 🙂

mom came in to dallas for the night to go to the expo and watch jasper as we ran so we had dropped her off saturday night…  after we fed her some of our ever-present-after-the-race bagels, she brightened up a bit…  we changed into dry clothes and headed off in search of FOOD!

after eating the Most Delicious Banana Belgian Waffle ever, mom and the hyams co. split ways and we headed back home to take hot baths, moan a bit and relish the experience.

and by “relish the experience”, i mean break it down into tiny little bites, over and over, critique and review and discuss how we could have done better, ran faster, worked harder and, yep, talk about how we are going to train for the full marathon next year.

personally, i voted for NO RAIN.