one of jasper’s “best friends” is a girl named skylar and boy, do they make a team!

it was skylar’s birthday last week and her party was this past saturday – jon was good enough to take plenty of pictures for me!

(the momma’s do love The Jon, he is a Favorite of them in the mornings at school, at girl scouts and at birthday parties!  it’s really cute to watch.)

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face painting!

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it’s always a hit with kiddos this age and jasper is no exception!

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girls and their self-decorated cupcakes.  gotta luv ’em!

also, it totally makes me want a cupcake.

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man, they look like they are planning something to me.

they gotz plans!

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maybe plans to run?

sure…  running.  is.  good.

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and so is taking a breather 🙂

jasper has a great time with her girlfriends, jon had a great time with the moms (you know you did, babe!) and me?

well, i am still wondering where my cupcake is.