there was our slightly nibbled on but still in one piece Gingerbread House.

then there was The Knife.

with The Knife came A Jon.

and then there was utter mayhem.

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before jasper and i could do anything but drop our jaws to the ground, jon whacked our Gingerbread House to pieces!

with The Knife!  there was gingerbread dust everywhere and little red & green candy balls bouncing like pinballs across the counter!

it was a big knife and jon was…  enthusiastic.

jasper couldn’t decide whether she was horrified or thrilled.

i couldn’t decide whether i found it hilarious or just really messy.

and jon?  well, he couldn’t decide whose face was stuck in the funnier-looking expression.

he eventually decided that i won that round.

i’m still trying to decide if “winning” was really the word he should have used.

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then we ate it.

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well, not all of it….  i did mention how hard that gingerbread was, didn’t i?