do all kinds of stuff!  like mad-cap science experiments, feed goats, you know, all that kind of good stuff!

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mom got jasper lilith a science experiment kit for christmas and it.  is.  awesome!

jasper goes, “i’ve waited a thousand years for this!”

(of course, she also said that very same thing about the twizzler i gave her just a couple of days ago…  but it was a pretty good twizzler so…)

she was so stoked and mom sent me pictures of the two of them playing Mad Scientist the whole time she was visiting!  go, neena!!!

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and when they weren’t playing Mad Scientist, mom took jasper to feed some goats!

ah, see the cowgirl boots in action?  i told mom to not let the pinkness and butterflyness of the boots fool her – those bad boys are meant for Real Horse Action.  manure and all!

and so they saw Real Action.  and jasper was happy!

thanks, mom and richard, for taking such good care of our girl!  she had neena stories for days after she came back and i loved them all 🙂