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flower power!

when we go over to leigh’s house, jasper lilith tends to get stuff…  this happens so often that when jasper doesn’t get something from leigh?  well, then she asks me why. 

and i do my parental duty and remind her about gifts and expectations and all that fun stuff we parents get to remind kids about.

but then we go back to leighs…  and she gets something again 🙂

one of the last times she was there, leigh gave her this adorable ladybug cutting board… and, i assure you, jasper uses this board almost every evening!  she pulls it down, gets her little thai butter knife and cuts up something for her dinner plate.  it’s become an evening ritual that i kind of love. 

note to self:  get picture of  jaz using the ladybug board.

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however, i did get a picture of this!  the last friday we were over at leigh’s, she gave jasper something that has become a bit of a staple on saturday mornings – a flower spatula!  jon makes breakfast almost every saturday morning and now that jasper has this super-cute spatula to use, she gets to help.

god, i love how intent she is when she does Stuff!

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toad-in-the-holes just got more tasty with the addition of the flower spatula!

also, just so you know:  the flower spatula makes a great, loud SMACK when applied with care to the bum of an unsuspecting daddy… also a less-unsuspecting mama who takes her punishment with grace.  grace, i tell you!

thanks, leigh – you have added a touch of color to our evenings and mornings and The Jasper Smile is always good to see!

chocolate falling from the sky…

jasper lilith is a lucky child – when she opens a valentines card from her neena?  chocolate hearts fall out and tumble on to her lap!  (i tried this a couple of days later and all that fell into my lap was a bill…  thanks, at&t.)

between her valentine’s party at school, her girlfriends, my girlfriends, cousin linda, gram and her neena?   well, jasper had plenty of happy valentineness to surround her with (and to fill her candy bowl with – we still haven’t finished her halloween candy yet!)…

it was awesomeness.  chocolate-filled awesomeness.

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neena send coloring books and sticker books along with the chocolate.  jaz was initially most excited about the falling chocolate hearts but it wasn’t long before she realized that we might only let her have ONE chocolate heart but we will let her color to her hearts content.

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after that, it was all about the coloring books.  and the camera…  jasper would color a picture and then i would HAVE to take a picture of it to send to neena so “neena would know that i love her present to me…”

which is a pretty good reason to send a picture if you ask me.

of course, she also wanted “neena to see how good i can color…” so there is that angle too 🙂

whoa.  i just realized that chocolate bunnies are soon going to join her chocolate hearts in the candy bowl because easter isn’t too far off!  and let’s not even talk about daylight savings time…  harumph.

the pink gun comes out to play.

pop got jasper lilith a pink bb gun this past christmas and you can be assured that we have been asked many times, “when can i shoot my pink gun?  i can’t wait!” more times that i can count.

i have gotten the impression that she wants to try this shooting thing out…  and so she finally did.

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jon set up a target out in the back yard and they went to town on the thing.

the target never knew what hit it…  and yes, she did hit it 🙂

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but first jon explains The Rules. 

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and then he explains The Rules again… you can’t remind kiddos of The Rules enough. 

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but finally jon lets her start plinking away at the target.

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awww, daddy and daughter pictures!

jon totally got the evil eye from me when he didn’t take any pictures this weekend but luckily, arnetta stepped in to take up the camera!  thanks, gram!
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apparently, that little penguin bore the brunt of her plinking because she was pretty excited about “hitting the penguin”…  and here i thought she liked penguins!

the pink gun has been shot, penguins have been hit, little girls are pleased and daddies are tickled pink…  weekend update covered!


jon and the jaspernator went down to natchitoches this weekend and despite the fact that she was recovering from an earache (first earache ever for jaz and she made this one count!  let’s talk about something else that doesn’t remind me of a screaming girl and a sleepless night), they had a good visit!

can i do run-on sentences or what?

they left friday night and as i watched them drive away, i experienced the typical motherly response of 70% wishing they had stayed and 40% relishing the fact that i was about to have my house to myself… it didn’t take long before it morphed into a clean 50/50 split – made easier by the fact that jon kept me updated on jaspy’s ear ache and she was clearly having a good time with her gram and pop!

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look at the smile on pop’s face…  i think he’s smiling on the inside though.

jasper lucked out and got some cousin time as well – mark, ila and jackson were down for a visit too and jaz can’t get enough of cousins!  any cousins!  all cousins!  she just likes the cousins…  good thing she has plenty, huh?
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mark walks jasper through a book?  i think.  he looks very professerly here, doesn’t he?

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jackson, jasper lilith and ila make pretty for the camera…  well, the two girls do anyway 🙂

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jasper has fond memories of the tiger book – it’s been a natchitoches staple since gram got it for her when she was not even a “talking toddler” as jasper likes to say.

happy cousin day!