jasper lilith is a lucky child – when she opens a valentines card from her neena?  chocolate hearts fall out and tumble on to her lap!  (i tried this a couple of days later and all that fell into my lap was a bill…  thanks, at&t.)

between her valentine’s party at school, her girlfriends, my girlfriends, cousin linda, gram and her neena?   well, jasper had plenty of happy valentineness to surround her with (and to fill her candy bowl with – we still haven’t finished her halloween candy yet!)…

it was awesomeness.  chocolate-filled awesomeness.

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neena send coloring books and sticker books along with the chocolate.  jaz was initially most excited about the falling chocolate hearts but it wasn’t long before she realized that we might only let her have ONE chocolate heart but we will let her color to her hearts content.

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after that, it was all about the coloring books.  and the camera…  jasper would color a picture and then i would HAVE to take a picture of it to send to neena so “neena would know that i love her present to me…”

which is a pretty good reason to send a picture if you ask me.

of course, she also wanted “neena to see how good i can color…” so there is that angle too 🙂

whoa.  i just realized that chocolate bunnies are soon going to join her chocolate hearts in the candy bowl because easter isn’t too far off!  and let’s not even talk about daylight savings time…  harumph.