when we go over to leigh’s house, jasper lilith tends to get stuff…  this happens so often that when jasper doesn’t get something from leigh?  well, then she asks me why. 

and i do my parental duty and remind her about gifts and expectations and all that fun stuff we parents get to remind kids about.

but then we go back to leighs…  and she gets something again 🙂

one of the last times she was there, leigh gave her this adorable ladybug cutting board… and, i assure you, jasper uses this board almost every evening!  she pulls it down, gets her little thai butter knife and cuts up something for her dinner plate.  it’s become an evening ritual that i kind of love. 

note to self:  get picture of  jaz using the ladybug board.

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however, i did get a picture of this!  the last friday we were over at leigh’s, she gave jasper something that has become a bit of a staple on saturday mornings – a flower spatula!  jon makes breakfast almost every saturday morning and now that jasper has this super-cute spatula to use, she gets to help.

god, i love how intent she is when she does Stuff!

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toad-in-the-holes just got more tasty with the addition of the flower spatula!

also, just so you know:  the flower spatula makes a great, loud SMACK when applied with care to the bum of an unsuspecting daddy… also a less-unsuspecting mama who takes her punishment with grace.  grace, i tell you!

thanks, leigh – you have added a touch of color to our evenings and mornings and The Jasper Smile is always good to see!