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a family of fairies…

just another evening at the hyams house…  but with wings…

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playclothes?  butterfly wings?  wand?  tiara?  all check!

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wings for the mama?  wand for the mama?  double check!

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wings for the daddy?  wait…  whaaaa?

yeah, this is how jon chose to wear his wings when they didn’t fit on his back 🙂

you go, jon!

and there you have it!

the big d 1/2 marathon…

jon and i had another 1/2 marathon to run last weekend and run we did!

thunderstorms couldn’t stop us…  oh, no!

jasper stayed at mom’s for an extended weekend so jon and i could get the race in, a date night in and even a daytime nap in the next day!

a nap!!!  during the day!!!

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the course was hilly until mile 9 – jon felt fantastic the entire way, i felt like crap until the magic mile 9 finally hit and the course leveled out and quit throwing us up inclines!

which means it was only after mile 9 that i pulled my head up, felt much better and really got down to the task of keeping up with jon…

he hung with me until mile 12 and then he gave me a thumbs-up and took off like a shot…  luckily, i was feeling good by then and was able to storm the gates on my own just fine…  he beat me by two minutes and looked good doing it!

we both made good times.

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apparently,  when The Weather knows we are running a 1/2, it decides to storm…  so we were soaked by the time we were done and i couldn’t get into dry clothes fast enough after the race…  in fact, i voted for dry clothes before beer…  which turned out to be a bad decision because by the time we got back to the previously non-existent beer line, it had grown to ridiculous proportions and we nixed standing for that long for crappy beer.

with three 1/2 marathons under my belt and two under jon’s belt, we have both decided to go ahead, accept fate and run a full marathon.

next year.

fort worth nature preserve…

jon, neena, jasper and heidi are all going to run a 5k (the buffalo boogie) at the fort worth nature preserve in a couple of weekends so jon wanted to go check out the trail that they would be running…

i’ll be at work but i have been promised minute to minute updates 🙂

he is going to run FAST while jaz, neena and heidi run the 5k at their pace…

so today we went for our sunday morning run at the preserve…  we ran on the roads so jasper had to hang her bike up and get into the jogging stroller but she just plugs her ear buds in, turns her ipod up and jams while we huff and puff behind her!

i offered to switch with her but i got shot down by both her and jon (jon is the stroller pusher)…  huh.

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after we did our mileage, we put the stroller up, let jasper run with us for the last bit and then went to eat lunch.

after lunch, it was time to hit the trails!

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jasper does love being the “trail leader”…

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and i love that she loves it!

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“if you don’t jump as hard as you can on a bridge, how do you know if it’s built strong enough?”


easter egg hunt…

easter morning was an early one…  mom and richard took jasper to the sunrise service at their church – sunrise, i know!!

jon and i took full advantage of that and went for an early morning run while they were at church…

after our country run, we ran home to shower and meet them after the sunrise service and then?  taaadahhh!!!

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an easter egg hunt!!!

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and she is off and running!!

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i don’t know, can you even call it a hunt when the ground is literally covered in eggs?

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so many eggs!

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“more eggs over there!  let’s go!”

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the kiddos had so many eggs to pick up that many of them (jasper included) ended up with TWO baskets full of eggs!

all of them with candy in them.

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two girls with their heads together – peeps better watch out!

you won’t even believe how much candy i gave away to other kids!  jaz, mom and i went through them all and i made a huge pile of candy that we wouldn’t be keeping – nobody needs that much candy!

shoot, the pile we did take home will probably be with us until next easter unless i go through it and cull again!

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after the egg hunt, we went for a walk…

too bad i didn’t get any pictures of us in the golf cart!  it was raining, i was driving, jasper was laughing and jon was hanging on for dear life.

i exaggerate but it was FUN!

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happy easter!

it’s that time of year again!

dyed eggs (old-school, vinegar-style!), chocolate eggs, pretty dresses and best of all, easter baskets!

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and easter hats as well 🙂

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yes, that’s a Happy Face – i promise!

she bypassed the candy for a minute or two and got very excited about the glittery headbands!

and yeah, she has totally lost her first tooth!!!!

there was a tooth fairy and all!

can you believe it?  lost her first tooth.  whoa.

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and back to the easter basket filled with books, candy, head bands and yummies.

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we spent easter weekend at mom’s so, of course, heidi was involved 🙂

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neena, jon, jasper and i go about the serious tradition of making the Easter Bunny Cake.

it’s a big deal.

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hello, Easter Bunny Cake!

we are so going to eat you.

kiddo rodeo!

jasper’s school had a kindergarten rodeo!!!!!

it could not have been more up jasper’s alley 🙂

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after all, she already has the pink cowgirl boots!

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the proverbial needle in the haystack…

or in this case, a sheriff’s star badge!  even better if you ask me!

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the most interesting activity?  a “cow” you could milk!  for realz!!

here is the back!

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here is the front!  real milk being squeezed out of those “teats”!

so bizarre!

we had a great time watching jasper lilith run around the gym doing all these rodeo activities!!

a tea party…

most of the time, jon goes to the birthday parties these days but on the rare occasions that they have a party on a sunday, well, then it’s my turn!

and lucky jon, this princess tea party-themed party was on sunday…  i think he dodged that big and bright pink bullet…

what do you think?

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first they got their nails painted and then they got to pick out their princess dress…

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jasper went for the black velvet and leopard print princess dress…  with pearls…


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and she loved it of course!

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then they had the tea party (with the birthday girl at the head of the table)…

they had scones, chocolate truffles, pink cookies and tea…

i wonder if the tea was pink too??!!

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and after all that?  it was time for cake.

pink cake, of course!

the party was so not my style and i was so overly pinkified but all the girls loved, loved, loved it and yeah, jasper asked to have a party just like it!

i totally pushed it around the corner and said we could talk about what kind of party she wanted when it was closer to her birthday.

yeah, i did.

star of the week… booyah.

jasper’s school has student of the week and star of the week programs thingeys and when jasper’s week came around, we spent some time putting a picture board together…

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jasper and i picked the pictures that she wanted to use out, jon cut the little frames out and she and i organized and decorated the board…

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it was a family affair!

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i bake on wednesday nights and jasper loves to help!

and while she helps, she likes to tell stories!

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they are always very exciting!

spring break or bust!

oh, i have been so bad…  there is never enough time…

where does the time go?  where does it hide?  i swear it hides – peeks it timely little head out, teases me and then jerks the time rug right out from under my feet…  no time!!

all right, i think i covered it – no time…  blah, blah – universal problem and all that…

with time slipping right out of my fingers, i’ve decided to make more time (i’ll sell you the formula for 1.5 million) for the blog!  i will try to be more consistent but since i just can’t make time go all willy-nilly, i am also going to shorten all my words.

consistent posting of pictures, clearly defined explanations, less words.


let’s move on to the good stuff!

spring break at neena’s!!

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jasper has gone “street”?  and yet she is still cute and sassy!

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what an outfit!

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stump fishin’!

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a tea party hosted by jasper herself and yes, those are totally girl scout cookies.

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the piece de resistance – horse back riding!  jasper was super stoked this spring break because she finally graduated to riding serena all by herself!

she loved it but she told me later that:  “mom, i love serena but she’s a followin’ horse and i need a leadin’ horse!”

that’s my girl.

all the photos here are courtesy of neena herself since jon and i weren’t there…  we missed jasper horribly, enjoyed ourselves royally and appreciated the heck out of how mom kept us updated with jasper videos, jasper photos and jasper good night calls!

and then we got our little one back, our universe was instantly fuller and busier and we settled back into the groove of life…

thanks neena for a wonderful spring break!!!