most of the time, jon goes to the birthday parties these days but on the rare occasions that they have a party on a sunday, well, then it’s my turn!

and lucky jon, this princess tea party-themed party was on sunday…  i think he dodged that big and bright pink bullet…

what do you think?

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first they got their nails painted and then they got to pick out their princess dress…

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jasper went for the black velvet and leopard print princess dress…  with pearls…


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and she loved it of course!

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then they had the tea party (with the birthday girl at the head of the table)…

they had scones, chocolate truffles, pink cookies and tea…

i wonder if the tea was pink too??!!

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and after all that?  it was time for cake.

pink cake, of course!

the party was so not my style and i was so overly pinkified but all the girls loved, loved, loved it and yeah, jasper asked to have a party just like it!

i totally pushed it around the corner and said we could talk about what kind of party she wanted when it was closer to her birthday.

yeah, i did.