jon, neena, jasper and heidi are all going to run a 5k (the buffalo boogie) at the fort worth nature preserve in a couple of weekends so jon wanted to go check out the trail that they would be running…

i’ll be at work but i have been promised minute to minute updates 🙂

he is going to run FAST while jaz, neena and heidi run the 5k at their pace…

so today we went for our sunday morning run at the preserve…  we ran on the roads so jasper had to hang her bike up and get into the jogging stroller but she just plugs her ear buds in, turns her ipod up and jams while we huff and puff behind her!

i offered to switch with her but i got shot down by both her and jon (jon is the stroller pusher)…  huh.

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after we did our mileage, we put the stroller up, let jasper run with us for the last bit and then went to eat lunch.

after lunch, it was time to hit the trails!

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jasper does love being the “trail leader”…

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and i love that she loves it!

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“if you don’t jump as hard as you can on a bridge, how do you know if it’s built strong enough?”