jon and i had another 1/2 marathon to run last weekend and run we did!

thunderstorms couldn’t stop us…  oh, no!

jasper stayed at mom’s for an extended weekend so jon and i could get the race in, a date night in and even a daytime nap in the next day!

a nap!!!  during the day!!!

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the course was hilly until mile 9 – jon felt fantastic the entire way, i felt like crap until the magic mile 9 finally hit and the course leveled out and quit throwing us up inclines!

which means it was only after mile 9 that i pulled my head up, felt much better and really got down to the task of keeping up with jon…

he hung with me until mile 12 and then he gave me a thumbs-up and took off like a shot…  luckily, i was feeling good by then and was able to storm the gates on my own just fine…  he beat me by two minutes and looked good doing it!

we both made good times.

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apparently,  when The Weather knows we are running a 1/2, it decides to storm…  so we were soaked by the time we were done and i couldn’t get into dry clothes fast enough after the race…  in fact, i voted for dry clothes before beer…  which turned out to be a bad decision because by the time we got back to the previously non-existent beer line, it had grown to ridiculous proportions and we nixed standing for that long for crappy beer.

with three 1/2 marathons under my belt and two under jon’s belt, we have both decided to go ahead, accept fate and run a full marathon.

next year.