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star of the week… booyah.

jasper’s school has student of the week and star of the week programs thingeys and when jasper’s week came around, we spent some time putting a picture board together…

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jasper and i picked the pictures that she wanted to use out, jon cut the little frames out and she and i organized and decorated the board…

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it was a family affair!

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i bake on wednesday nights and jasper loves to help!

and while she helps, she likes to tell stories!

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they are always very exciting!


spring break or bust!

oh, i have been so bad…  there is never enough time…

where does the time go?  where does it hide?  i swear it hides – peeks it timely little head out, teases me and then jerks the time rug right out from under my feet…  no time!!

all right, i think i covered it – no time…  blah, blah – universal problem and all that…

with time slipping right out of my fingers, i’ve decided to make more time (i’ll sell you the formula for 1.5 million) for the blog!  i will try to be more consistent but since i just can’t make time go all willy-nilly, i am also going to shorten all my words.

consistent posting of pictures, clearly defined explanations, less words.


let’s move on to the good stuff!

spring break at neena’s!!

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jasper has gone “street”?  and yet she is still cute and sassy!

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what an outfit!

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stump fishin’!

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a tea party hosted by jasper herself and yes, those are totally girl scout cookies.

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the piece de resistance – horse back riding!  jasper was super stoked this spring break because she finally graduated to riding serena all by herself!

she loved it but she told me later that:  “mom, i love serena but she’s a followin’ horse and i need a leadin’ horse!”

that’s my girl.

all the photos here are courtesy of neena herself since jon and i weren’t there…  we missed jasper horribly, enjoyed ourselves royally and appreciated the heck out of how mom kept us updated with jasper videos, jasper photos and jasper good night calls!

and then we got our little one back, our universe was instantly fuller and busier and we settled back into the groove of life…

thanks neena for a wonderful spring break!!!