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a blue moment…

a peacock blue feather boa anyone?

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thanks, deborah!


oh, crawfish…

how we love to eat you!

what’s the first thing you do when you visit louisiana this time of the year?

you eat crawfish, that’s what!

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hello, all!

(yeah, the crawfish was good!)

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deborah came to eat crawfish with us and if you don’t know by now, jaz loves her deborah!

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man, oh, man…  looking at this picture?  totally makes me want some more crawfish.

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what kind of face is that?

if it were me, it would be a The Crawfish Is Almost Gone Face but since jaz only likes crawfish “a little bit” then who knows?

but it makes me smile; her little face.

natchitoches is humid!

did you guys know that?  well, it is…  and it’s not even summer yet.

oh, boy.

but other than the humidity, we had a Way Too Fast Visit with gram and pop – good but oh so fast!

while we are out and about doing Stuff, jaz keeps herself entertained for at least a couple of minutes 🙂

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kids just love forts!  if there are sheets or blankets, then a fort is bound to happen eventually.

this is good.

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jon and i got our runs crossed off the list first thing in the morning…

running in 100% humidity?  sweaty and hot.

(and yes, jon is not wearing a shirt.)

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if there aren’t little girls crawling through forts, there are little girls playing with horses, barns and kinds of cowgirlish figurines.

the best part?  these were gram’s toys when she was a little girl!

i think…  do i have that right, gram?