this past saturday night, jasper was tired of her super loose tooth that refuses to fall out so she wanted me to pull it out.

so i tried…  and then jon tried…

that sucker would not come out!  jon suggested the age-old tooth-to-dental-floss-to-doorknob trick and jasper was desperate enough to agree.

mom hide her eyes and wouldn’t watch; i tried to keep my face from cringing (but i was cringing on the inside) and jon tried to dental floss the utter crap out of that tooth.

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by the time jon was done, there was some trepidation in jasper’s face…

“i’m not so sure this was a good idea…” was written all over her.

but jon finally got the tooth secured to the floss and then to the doorknob and then?


nothing.  the floss popped right off the tooth and the tooth stayed put…

jon suggested trying again but all 3 of us girls were like, “NO, NO, NO!”!  

i swept jaz up into my arms and ran away from jon like he is The Dragon Who Eats Little Girls.

(no, really.  i did…  giggling ensued.)

the tooth won and stayed put…  for a whole day.

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because when i picked jaz up from school?  her 2nd tooth was gone!

she told me that, “the tooth was driving me crazy, mom!  so aliza told me to twist it and i did and my tooth came out!”


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the tooth!

the tooth fairy will be coming to our house tonight.

(she is very excited about this.)