jon and jasper went out to the rio roca ranch last weekend while i was stuck at work.

yep, totally stuck.

they took a guided tour of the architecture on the site and then headed off to town to check out some more architecture.

jasper was the only kiddo but she did great – kept the adults entertained when she could and kept quiet and observant when she needed to.

‘cuz she is awesome, that’s why.

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the main road in to the ranch was lined with ranchesque sculptures…

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a girl just hanging out.

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climbing the rocks around the buildings.

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they wander the historic town of albany (which is, apparently very picturesque) and hit the museums there.

they also get ice cream – which jon sends me a picture of while i am at the shop.

i vicariously enjoyed the ice cream as well…  miles and miles away.

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there are my peeps!  (and the found object horse is pretty cool too)…

they had a good day exploring!