jaz had a good week:  the end of the year party, the girl scout pool party and then the rio roca ranch expedition!

next up?  a week at her neena’s!

so after our sunday morning run (w/ jasper on her bike, of course), we rush back to pack up the girl and head out!

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she was so ready to go that she went to pack the car before we were quite ready.

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slow down there, kiddo!

one of mom’s goddaughters, lindsay (she is 7 or 8 years old, i think) will be out at mom’s place this week and jaz is very excited about having a play mate!

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we meet mom about 1/2 way between her place and ours so nobody has to drive too far.

jasper was super ready for pool time, horses, lindsay and neena and us?  well, jon and i were super ready for quietness, open-ended hours, date nights and running in the morning together.

‘course as i write up this post, it’s been several days of all that good stuff and honestly, i am ready to have our super-charged 5 & 1/2 year old back again…  but maybe i can manage two more days…  a girls night tomorrow night and another date night w/jon on saturday night might help pass the jasperless-time, don’t you think?

still…  quiet house.  too, too quiet.