mom is really good about sending us pictures of The Jasper Adventures when mom has her all to herself.

i worry less and we get a kick out of seeing jasper do things that she can’t do in the city.Image Hosted by

like catch tiny baby toads!

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ok, well she can swim at our house but not with lindsay!  hello, girls!

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i see you jasper lilith!

(jasper tried on 7 – count them – 7 bathing suits before settling on one she liked…  see how kids teach a person patience?

because i sat through 7 bathing suit changes – calmly…  and enjoyed the fashion show she was putting on.

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a bedtime snack of strawberries and creme!

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a swim in the lake!

sometimes a lake is better than a pool!

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perhaps because a lake can have lily pads?

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while mom and dan the horse trainer work with the horses, jasper hangs out under the trees and “makes art”.

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i kind of think that what jon and i made wins hands down!

(but her bead collage thingey is cool too)…

thanks, neena for taking such good care of our jasper and being such a good neena!

p.s.  big thanks for all the text updates, photos and bedtime calls!

a big hug from us all!