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a garage sale…

we have been cleaning out and building up for a garage sale for several months now – our garage has gotten more and more full with Stuff as we built up items for the sale…  jasper was having a good time going through her books, toys, too small clothes, etc. to fill up a huge box just with her stuff!

we told her that anything she decided to garage sale had to pass muster with us first and then if we said “yes”, she could keep the money if it sold.  it turns out that is a pretty good incentive to get a kiddo to clean out her toys!

so we finally had the garage sale this weekend and by we, i really mean jon and jasper.

i helped set up and price the night before but they manned the garage sale both mornings.

jasper was quite the little helper, of course!

“mom, i’m going to help the little kids decide what books they want!”

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jon was keeping me updated on the results of the garage sale each day in the form of race results…

the jaspernator left the jonster and i (mommilocks) far behind in the race!

she made the most money with me coming in second and jon coming in at a far third.

a savings account is in her near future, i think.

it was fun to get the race results and when it got too hot and jasper got too bored, jon set up the pool in the front yard for her to play in while he continued the sale.

the garage sale was deemed a success by us all 🙂


happy faces…

the many happy faces of the jasper lilith!

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The Strawberry Banana Smoothie Face!

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The Krispy Kreme Rainbow Sprinkle Donut Face!

anybody hungry now?

you are welcome.

a sleepy monkeyhead.

jasper has been climbing into bed with us lately – she is prone to nightmares and “needs some company” after having one…

i love her clamoring over me – i know it won’t last forever so i savor it while it does…  a super cuddly girl all curled up between jon and i is a nice thing to wake up with.

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i can’t remember who gave this to her (barbara, was it you and dad?) but here is proof that she uses it!

not all the time but often enough that it’s starting to look well-loved 🙂

the other morning, she was trying to sleep in a bit later than usual (ah, summer time)  in our bed and the sun was not working in her favor: 

“mama, too bright!  i need my monkey mask!”

“ahhhh, that’s better.”

uh, huh.