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the end of the year party!

i had planned on going to the graduation and then heading off to work but when i found out there was going to be an End of the Year Party too?  well, that meant a day off from the boutique and a day on with the jaspernator!

and i am glad that i did…

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because otherwise, i would have missed this!

they went from room to room and played different games in each room…

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here mom is helping jasper play bingo!  with skittles!
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come on, you guys know what this game is!!  musical chairs!!
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and after all the games, it’s time to head back to her classroom…  for?

drinks and ice cream sundaes!!!

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jasper is putting the skittles from her bingo game on her sundae – the rest of her table is going, “eww!  gross!”

and she is going, “try it!  you might like it!”

right on, kiddo.

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after all the games and the party, it’s time for the little kindergarteners to say goodbye to each other…

there was lots of hugs and lots of squealing.


luckily, there were also a lot of play dates arranged 🙂

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the three of us are ready to go home and get comfy!

hello, almost first grader!


a kindergarten graduation…

well, jasper lilith has gone and done it…  she has graduated kindergarten and moved on to first grade…

but i am going to pretend that she is still a kindergartener for about 2 more months.

i imagine that she will have something to say about that…

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yep, it’s official.

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hello, kiddo!!

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her name was called and she climbed up the steps and on to the stage with such dignity.

she shook her teachers hand…

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and then told her teacher where her mama was sitting 🙂

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getting antsy while she waits for her class to finish.

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and it’s done!  jaz has a choke hold my neck as she tells me a story.

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turns out it was a funny story.

after all the kindergarteners walk the stage, we all mill around the auditorium for a bit and then the kiddos go to change into party clothes…

because it’s party time now!