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the piercing of the ears.

the scene:  the three of us sitting at the kitchen bar;  there are coffee mugs on the counter, jon is working on some leather armor pieces, jasper and i are chit-chatting with each other…

me:   “jaspy, you wanna go get your ears pierced?”

jasper:  “sure, right now?  today?  can i pick out my earrings?”

a mildly surprised me:  “yeah, i guess.  do you want to do it today?”

jasper:  “yes!  i’ll  get my go clothes on!  let’s do it!”

jon:  “wait.  right now?”

me:  “apparently.  i guess we had better go get our go clothes on too!”

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the before shot:  she has picked out her earrings (her birthstone, peridot) out and she is happy and eager!

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not quite so eager right now; she is getting a little nervous…

also she has a death grip on my hand.

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the after shot:   one earlobe down.

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and two earlobes successfully pierced.

she was not happy until the blue lollipop came into play…  amazing what power lollipops have for kiddos.

after she was done crying (she made it short but dramatic, the girl did), she declared, “mama, i need to tell you something.  i sure am glad that i don’t ever have to pierce my ears again ‘cuz that was the last time i want to do that!”



no matter what is going on in a person’s life, it always feels a little better when you have pretty toenails.

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and you know jasper, she doesn’t want just one color – she wants them all!

it made me want to do the same thing!  (for about a minute.)

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river legacy (where we run/bike on sundays) just finished construction on an awesome new playground!  we have been watching it being built for about 5 weeks or so and today, it was finally open!

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it’s built in the trees and made to look like several tree houses all connected by rope bridges – the playground equipment all looks like logs or tree trunks with animals modeled into little hidey holes…  they spent tons of money on this playground and let me tell you, every single kid on that playground was super stoked about it!  and the parents?  well, we were all roaming and exploring the playground as well – those high rope bridges were not just kid-cool but adult-cool as well!

yay for sunday runs and smartly designed playgrounds!  and yay for little girl toes painted in a rainbow of colors!

and then off to gram and pop’s!

not too much longer after we got jasper back, it was time to head to natchitoches…  well, two of the three of us headed off anyway.

jon and jasper went down to natchitoches to take care of some things and i stayed at home to finish the work week out.

i was actually dreading that house of ours being so empty – no jasper?  no jon?  what to do with all that empty time?

well, turns out?  plenty of things to fill the empty time and i loved every minute of it.

(yeah, i missed ’em but did you know when you are the only one in the house and you put a book down that it will stay there until you move it?  like it will still be there after you come home from work!  or when you clean the floor it stays clean for hours?  hours.  i had forgotten about that.)

jon had tons of stuff to do while in natchitoches but he made sure that jasper had a play date with the daughter of a good friend of ours  and got her “energy out” at the playground.

jasper always had plenty to talk about when we talked each evening – all those stories!

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jasper hitches a ride on the mower!

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arnetta titled this picture Left-Handed Homework 🙂

because even in the summer, kids have homework now!

they eventually came back home and i drove my co-worker crazy all day ‘cuz i was that excited about them getting home that day.

because it turns out that while that book might still be there and the floor might stay clean;  well, it’s just not nearly as much fun without the two of them.

neena’s! again!

jasper had a trip to colorado springs planned with her neena and richard but when the fires got close enough that even the hotels were evacuated?  yeah, the trip was canceled.

but mom and jasper decided to spend the week together anyway!  jasper headed on over to spend some time with her neena and all the dogs, cats, horses and yes, this time, there were even cousins to play with!

she was, quote:  “disappointed about not seeing real live mountains” but she still had a blast swimming and playing with her canadian cousins.

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her daily swim!

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julia and jasper lilith enjoy each other’s company!

jon and i enjoyed our kid-free week as always but this visit fell close enough to the last visit (that one was a week long too!) that we were missing her something awful by the time she came home!

thanks, neena and richard for taking such good care of our kiddo and for making each visit such a joy for her!

and also?  thanks for giving her back 🙂