not too much longer after we got jasper back, it was time to head to natchitoches…  well, two of the three of us headed off anyway.

jon and jasper went down to natchitoches to take care of some things and i stayed at home to finish the work week out.

i was actually dreading that house of ours being so empty – no jasper?  no jon?  what to do with all that empty time?

well, turns out?  plenty of things to fill the empty time and i loved every minute of it.

(yeah, i missed ’em but did you know when you are the only one in the house and you put a book down that it will stay there until you move it?  like it will still be there after you come home from work!  or when you clean the floor it stays clean for hours?  hours.  i had forgotten about that.)

jon had tons of stuff to do while in natchitoches but he made sure that jasper had a play date with the daughter of a good friend of ours  and got her “energy out” at the playground.

jasper always had plenty to talk about when we talked each evening – all those stories!

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jasper hitches a ride on the mower!

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arnetta titled this picture Left-Handed Homework 🙂

because even in the summer, kids have homework now!

they eventually came back home and i drove my co-worker crazy all day ‘cuz i was that excited about them getting home that day.

because it turns out that while that book might still be there and the floor might stay clean;  well, it’s just not nearly as much fun without the two of them.