no matter what is going on in a person’s life, it always feels a little better when you have pretty toenails.

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and you know jasper, she doesn’t want just one color – she wants them all!

it made me want to do the same thing!  (for about a minute.)

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river legacy (where we run/bike on sundays) just finished construction on an awesome new playground!  we have been watching it being built for about 5 weeks or so and today, it was finally open!

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it’s built in the trees and made to look like several tree houses all connected by rope bridges – the playground equipment all looks like logs or tree trunks with animals modeled into little hidey holes…  they spent tons of money on this playground and let me tell you, every single kid on that playground was super stoked about it!  and the parents?  well, we were all roaming and exploring the playground as well – those high rope bridges were not just kid-cool but adult-cool as well!

yay for sunday runs and smartly designed playgrounds!  and yay for little girl toes painted in a rainbow of colors!