jasper had a trip to colorado springs planned with her neena and richard but when the fires got close enough that even the hotels were evacuated?  yeah, the trip was canceled.

but mom and jasper decided to spend the week together anyway!  jasper headed on over to spend some time with her neena and all the dogs, cats, horses and yes, this time, there were even cousins to play with!

she was, quote:  “disappointed about not seeing real live mountains” but she still had a blast swimming and playing with her canadian cousins.

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her daily swim!

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julia and jasper lilith enjoy each other’s company!

jon and i enjoyed our kid-free week as always but this visit fell close enough to the last visit (that one was a week long too!) that we were missing her something awful by the time she came home!

thanks, neena and richard for taking such good care of our kiddo and for making each visit such a joy for her!

and also?  thanks for giving her back 🙂